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The mirror of the soul The mirror of the soul
by Gordana Mudri
2019-10-12 09:01:19
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The mirror of the soul

soul1_400Hundreds of shadows walk.
Hundreds of whispers talk…

And hundreds of shades of darkness
wander on dark roads.

Hundreds of scars on the skin.
Hundreds of tears…

And hundreds of wounds hurt
in agony down deep.

Hundreds of sighs in silence.
Hundreds of screams...

And hundreds of lost battles
in the time without peace.

Hundreds of ghosts around.
Hundreds of fears...

And hundreds of demons dance
in the nights without sleep.

Can you hear them...
Can you see them…
in the emptiness of my eyes
where they live?


Ogledalo duše

Stotine sjena hoda.
Stotine šapata govori…

I stotine nijansi crnila
tumara mračnim stazama.

Stotine ožiljaka na koži.
Stotine suza…

I stotine rana caruje
u agoniji utrobe.

Stotine uzdaha u tišini.
Stotine vapaja…

I stotine izgubljenih bitaka
u  vremenu beznađa.

Stotine duhova kruži.
Stotine strahova…

I stotine demona pleše
u besanim noćima.

Čuješ li…
Vidiš li…
Njih, u praznini mog pogleda?

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