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Don't forget. Today it's April 1rst...
by George Kalatzis
2018-04-01 16:55:12
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Don’t forget. Today it’s April 1rst…

Oh my God!
This hypothesis sounds like a lie.
Noooo, it sounds like true!
A true ...lie then!
Of course!
A real lie is always more beautiful than a real truth!
If you search deep in the instance, you‘ll find that this is the reason why humanity has reached today’s point!
-What point is this?
(It's a voice speaking and asking  ...deep inside me the "universal" question).
And the voice continues, having strong arguments:
We are fine!
We have the best political system ever,
we have reached a way of life that never existed on the face of the earth before,
we have confronted an incredible number of diseases that tyrannized the human body (and not only),
we have explained many of the mysteries surrounding our existence (and not only!),
we are counting over 7 billion ...units, inhabitants all over the world, and information is traveling at the speed of light!
If an alien, a creature ...encased in a UFO, could see only the surface, I am sure, imitating our voice he would say:
So all this is an absolute truth!
Mmmm! Yes!
And no!
They are two sides in every coin!
Because my truth, is your lie
So, the above "truth" is ...false!
Is this conclusion true?
How would I know?
And above all, today is the most  ... unsuitable day to ...answer this question!

Have a nice ...month, the spring of an April!  


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