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Women's Day Women's Day
by Katerina Charisi
2021-03-08 08:14:58
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International Women’s Day and a few years ago and such days, the Polish EMP Janusz Korwin Mikke was in a sexist delirium in European Parliament talking about “weak, small and less smart women who should get paid less than men.”

I guess that no Woman’s Day will pass from then that JKM won’t cross my mind. But he is not much of a problem. The problem is that this day little importance seems to have. We only care enough just to google a catchy picture and copy some famous quote to our social media status.

wome01_400The problem is that what JKM said, even if we strongly disagree and hate hearing about it… it’s true. And it was never any different. If someone remembers any different please let me know.

Unfortunately today, women have the slightest of equality against men. Equality between the two sexes never existed.

Women do earn less money than men and they are also treated differently from their employers or male colleagues:

Young women are most desired in mass catering places and they always have to dress in a way that has nothing to do with their duties. They have to expose their belly button, their breast, their thighs and speak nicely to the clients. Employers name this “service”. There’s no way to find a job advertisement looking for women over 25 for those places. Only if women are hidden in the back, in the kitchen or in the toilets can get a job if they are over that age.

Women don’t have the right to be pregnant. Those who are “unlucky” enough to make this unfortunate, unthinkable mistake …lose their job. That simple.

Women in Greece are (still) raised to stay home. To be housewives, to raise children, to serve their parents in law when they get old and their husbands. The state don’t let them act differently anyway, what did I wrote above? Once a woman gets pregnant, bye-bye job. Once a woman becomes a mother, bye-bye job. Bye-bye life.

And still, way too many women are educated less than men and I’m not asking you to get to the last village of the highest mountain. Just leave the big cities and you’ll see it yourself.

I really don’t know what the young girls think about all this; what’s their cast of mind about this. But I do know that in 2021, a girl who loves soccer is a subject for discussion, is dealt with surprise, is not accepted as normal.

So, theoretically in Greece we like to consider ourselves as modern, open minded Europeans; practically we act more like easterners, but deeply inside us we are just uncivilized. Woman’s Day is just an opportunity for some people to replenish with a flower or a small gift (or just a phone call to their mother) many years of disrespect, relegation, depreciation, constant psychological and physical abuse, because “you are different. You can take it”, someone told me once, when whilst joking I told him about the flu I caught and never sat down to rest.

I can take it? Why? Am I not a human like you?

 “Well”, he said next, “you women just can take it all.”

This is the stupidest way of thinking that has transformed us into superhumans, who have no right to complain when they get paid with less while working harder, who cannot be hurt, cannot get sick.

This simple “you women can take it” transformed male partners to decorative satraps because “they bring the money in the house” and this relieves them of any other obligation in their lives.

Men with weaknesses, sensibilities, a feeling of commitment, are automatically baptized as gays, while shouting, humiliating, slapping and cheating are considered as levels of masculinity.

On the other hand, the good housewife is a slave and a lady, is a mother, an employee, a servant, a nurse, a maid, a teacher, a taxi driver, always forced to think of everyone else except of herself, with thousands of “Don’ts”:

 Do not whine, do not talk, do not ask, do not get sick, do not grow fat.

Do not grow old.

And those who step in the supposedly equal society's mind are dealt as selfish, exploiting, lazy, useless, and when they demand for their ultimate right to love and respect, they are called …whores!

So, where’s my flower?

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