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A Reflection Upon the Year of the Dog
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2018-02-19 12:32:06
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While I was jogging around the university park last night, I came across a dog, which approached me in a very affectionate way. I only just realized that the year of the dog has just begun.

dog01_400_01For more than 4000 years, the dog has been one of the 12 symbols of the calendar. Dogs are probably human’s closest companion within the animal kingdom. Humans and dogs have carried out many activities jointly such as hunting, protection, as well as being an important family member.

Dogs are very diligent animals. They work hard, show absolute loyalty, and help sustain the household. Dogs are creative, originating from the work they do. They can facilitate the creation of positive things through their presence within the household. Dogs can help bring optimism to the family through creating a sense of happiness.

The prevailing symbol of the dog will be extremely powerful this year.

If you remember what I said about the year of the goat, three years ago, that year symbolised the lower income groups facing economic troubles. Then under the year of the monkey middle income people suffered. Last year under the chicken high income people tended to suffer.

Over the last three years the world has suffered across many areas, economically, socially, politically, and environmentally.   

However the dog is both defensive and protective.

Therefore this year is a year of protection. It’s about changing what we have been doing to defend ourselves against adversity. This means being creative. For example, we need to acquire new knowledge to take up new careers, save money for the future, or make investments for the future.

Change is coming and all of us need to prepare for this.

This year is one of preparation for a coming change. This is a year of diligence.

This is a very important message as the coming years ahead in the calendar include the wild pig which will bring the change.

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