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Anna from southern shores Anna from southern shores
by Gordana Mudri
2021-03-08 08:13:17
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She carried the sunlight in her eyes and a brave southern soul in her veins. She had the beauty of the sea in her smile and the wild wind in her hair. She had pride that no one could destroy and her ancestors’ sense of honour.

And she walked alone among beasts.

She defied their clutches and canines and she healed her wounds watching the waves and breathing the salty air. These long shores bathed in sunshine, and τηε warmth of the sea wrapped around her skin were her shelter, the only thing they still didn't take from her.

And she thought they never could.

Who could take this endless blue given from mother Earth? Who could take this beauty engraved in stones? Who could take this softness woven in the sand?

Heartless beasts...

And now her sea is black and the air smells like poison. All the wounds she has, cannot be healed anymore. They condemned her to eternal pain, laughing in her face.

And she walks; eyes full of tears, her smile faded. And the wind howls in agony through her hair.

She walks…

With the rage of her ancestors and the despair of her descendants…



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