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February February
by Bohdan Yuri
2020-02-25 09:19:53
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February is a month short-changed,
the spit of winter roams the plains;
snow is shoveled through and through,
still around, a reflection of the moon.

super bowls are lost and won,
squeeze two birthdays into one,
groundhogs rule by shadows and sun,
read up, it’s a library lover’s month.

flowers, candy, misused balloons,
laying hearts for paradise swoons;.
a carnival struts its fleshy fun,
also a fear --- national condom month.

so as steamy souls are swept from streets,
they reach for cover if lent’s a breach;
it’s silently honored as a month of pain,
oh yeah, it’s also black history month.

so much to do in such a short career,
an extra day for every fourth year;
all in all, I still find it strange,
february is --- a month short-changed.

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