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Mourning Mourning
by Gordana Mudri
2022-07-30 08:41:15
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Who will stop this madness?

While hatred hits into the walls and fear crawls through the streets, bloody rain waters the earth. Through the shadows of deserted streets, quick steps perishing. The laughter dies in the arms of the fallen lovers. And no one gives a hand, fearing of a snake bite. Eyes staring into the darkness, and every shadow is a murderer, every voice is a curse. And there are no more brothers or friends. We are damned sleepers in the eyes of sleepers, stamped by mistrust.

gord01_400_06Who will stop this madness?

While nightingales die alone, kissing thorns in estranged gardens, singing their last songs of love. A last flap of wings and sacrifice in vain, rose and crushed in the mud. A shiver of a dying heart and the last beat of hope in the deserts, forests and plains, on the peaks of snowy mountains, in misty valleys poisoned with the deaf.

Who will stop this madness?

While we're running into our caves, closing the doors with a stone of distrust, turning back to the orphans. Lonely creatures  chained with fear, sheltered from the sun, choosing dark.

Who will stop this madness?

While we feed the beast of our weaknesses, the beast of destruction rises in the glory.

Who will stop this madness?

When disappears the last…



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