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Summer oblivion Summer oblivion
by Gordana Mudri
2019-08-15 07:38:51
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Is it just about us, the Balkans, the southerners in general, in our specific temper and habits, or is it the whole world just going crazy during the summer and under the influence of the sun and the heat?

It is as if we all suddenly lose our minds and our touch with reality. There is no problem, situation or trouble that could be ignored and forgotten as easily as in the summer. In the black daily life, the luminosity of the sun and the clear sky act as a magic wand. There is a secret switch in our brain that works almost arbitrarily.

croiat01_400You know that you are in a country where the government does not work, where corruption and nepotism rules everyday life, where morality is a relative term, where people do not receive a dignifying salary, where public money are spent on the secondary and not important things, where wrong values are sold under the right ones. You know that you are in a country where, if you're peaceful and open-minded, then you're not a good patriot, if you are the voice of common sense, then you are the enemy of the nation, if you are not the elite, then you're on the edge of survival.

You look at it and you are trying, at least for one moment, to forget in which country you are living. And the sun is the way.

You take your morning coffee, spiced with the scent of pines and lavender, and you don't think about the prices that are growing. You are listening the sound of the waves and the song of the crickets under the glowing sun and you don't think of unpaid bills, enforcement and bankers. You drink a cold beer while your eyes catch the most beautiful sunsets and you don't think of the hungry and homeless people.

It's fine, at least for a while, to rest the soul of everyday malady, of bickering in the newspapers. It's fine, at least for a while, to try to recharge your batteries, because, after all whatever they took away from you, this is something they cannot take.

They cannot take this sun and the heat that burns your skin and brain to the deadness. They cannot take the sound of the waves that mutes the painful screaming in your head. They cannot take the smell and the beauty that defies times of hopelessness.

You'll get to know new places, new people, new love. You'll enjoy the laughter of strangers and the unfamiliar languages. Your country will become a global place filled with people unaware of your misery and you'll immerse into this patchwork of other people's joy, saving your own soul, left to the summer oblivion.

But deep inside you, you know that winter will return, hard and cold, and you will tremble again, calling for better times, immersed in the memories of brave ancestors and their battles fought long ago. And you'll have to survive.

This sun is your strength, your life, your legacy. This sun is your eternity.

And this summer, while your Tara disappears in the ashes, you'll be like Scarlett, whispering fateful words - Tomorrow I'll think about it. After all, tomorrow is another day!

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