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Echoes Echoes
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2019-05-11 08:01:39
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echoes01_400Radio bigmouth, and out of that horn
that song.

Back when everything I was was longing
this song exposed it all.

The longing, the loneliness,
the desire to be worthy
if only you would love me,
so strong it was immobilizing,
my whole soul swimming under the feeling.

I am thankful therefore that I now cannot remember you exactly
or the sound of your voice, or the color of the firelight
upon your eyelids, when we tried to make love.

The thing itself would be too much.
Thank God for the echo, for the song’s jingle-jangle,
of the old sorrow of our love,
not quite dead, half-silent, half-alive.


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