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The "Anathema" of Seeing Imperfect Beauty
by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
2015-10-26 12:14:29
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According to Jon Lang (1983):

"…Formal aesthetics is concerned with the perceptions of beauty or pleasure in the geometric quality of the layout of buildings, streets, landscapes and urban designs.”

“…In architecture today the formal aesthetic character of the buildings is still of concern. It always will be to a greater or lesser extent. In architectural education the student is almost invariably introduced to the topic of formal aesthetics in the Basic Design course.”


Long before and far from Lang and / or Basic Design courses;

Wabi-Sabi philosophy  advocate the idea that real beauty is implicit in the inner potentials of beings and these hidden qualities come to light as the imperfect effects of passing years and experiences. The Japanese philosophy Wabi regards beauty as the results of imperfections and changes of daily life, and Sabi teaching supports this attitude by advocating the idea that life experiences and accumulation of years are important factors increasing beauty (Taraz , 2013).

Where to stand in a modern life?

I am just wandering in the city for now… With great vacancy…

Dr. Emine Koseoglu
Academician, Architect




* Lang, Jon, 1983, Perception Theory, Formal Aesthetics and the Basic Design Course, EDRA 14, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

* Taraz, Nazli, 2013, Limits of re-writing and legibility of transformations in Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula: An interpretation inspired from the Wabi-Sabi philosophy, ITU A/Z, VOL: 10, NO:1, pp.37-50.







 The complete collection of photos from Dr Emine Koseoglu's "Anathema" concept, you can see HERE!


The Concept  "Anathema" has also been published as an EBook
you can download for FREE, HERE!



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Emanuel Paparella2015-10-25 14:23:05
We can be thankful that we still have the likes of Dr. Koseoglu who can still speak of beauty (perfect or imperfect, anathema or not). The tragedy for a while is the fact that many no longer consider aesthetic considerations or the appreciation of beauty something to bring to the conversation. They prefer the shocking as much of modern art reveals nowadays. The inevitable consequence of decoupling beauty from the good and the true is that what ends up being presented is not beauty but ugliness, and it shows by the poor attendance to museums of modern art.

Emine Köseoğlu2016-01-23 16:10:10
Dear Emanuel Paparella,

Thank you so much for your kind and valuable addition.

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