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Desperation Desperation
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2023-01-21 08:18:50
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Thrown up by the earth, and violently.
Long journey down again to earth, slow and slowly.
It’s a long ride, and seldom fun.

desper01_400Lost in a crowd of people, a big crowd…
You are lost in the crowd, alone in all the noise…
You must stay above the fray, no matter what.

Mark it, anything can happen.
The deformed, the defamed live here.
You wrestle, but the enemy continually morphs.

Desperation rises in you when you realize that
those who are appointed to love you – those close to you
revile you, and aloneness gains ground and you lose your footing.

You cannot break out. You do not know what it means to break out.
Every thing seems to fall out; you cannot get ahead,
you think: “what’s the use?”

Hell! Do not neglect to raise it.
Damn! Do not let such a thing hold you back.
God! Will not save you.

The trick must be, to be rambunctious, be cagey, be anything but quiet,
be whatever you cannot even imagine, and what you should not want.
Your final destination and destiny are waiting, and it might not be bad.


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"Translations from the Cinema"
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