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The cow politics in India
by Shahul Hameed
2015-07-29 10:11:32
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The international community would have definitely wondered learning about the spate of endless debate and counter debate revolving around a cow in India. The debate is just going on over a period of century. The glorified cow’s life is more precious than the life of a human being.  After BJP capturing the throne in the national arena recently, the cow politics has been grown beyond ones imagination. Those states ruled by BJP government have been enacting laws thereby banning the slaughtering. Those states where BJP’s ruling like in Maharashtra the defaulters are punished with an imprisonment of 5 years, in Madhya Pradesh 7 years and where as in Haryana imposes 10 years rigorous imprisonment.  Right from the farmers who sell cows, those deal directly or indirectly in this transaction including lorry drivers who is transporting, butchers, to  the final downtrodden who consume beef are subject to  imprisonment.

india01_400_01As per the Indian criminal laws even for punishing anyone who inflicted murder, that has to be proved first by the police department.  But as per the laws of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Delhi states where one is charge sheeted for beef eating, the victim has to prove himself that he is innocent. Till then   the victim   will be found to be guilty in the eyes of law. The burden of proof squarely falls in the shoulder of the victim. 

The hidden agenda of RSS is to cleverly manipulate beef consumption as anti-Muslim.  By this black ruling the government plans to threaten the Muslim community to be surrendered helplessly. Whereas   the Hindutva has fabricated many religious concocted stories revolving around a cow, the BJP has nowhere admitted,   the law against beef consumption is related to hurting Hindu religious sentiments.  In other way, the enactment of this act under section 48 is disguised to be shown in favour of saving the cattle wealth of India then exposing themselves to the public what they are meant to be in reality.

Beside the Hindhutva spins the story that beef consumption was very prevalent between Hindu communities only after the invasion of Muslim ruling. Historically even before 1500 years from the birth of Christianity and Islam, the Hindus have slaughtered cows in the name of yagna and that baked beef was consumed by Brahmin priest as a culinary delicacy.  

Right from the Rig Vedha to Epic Ramayana there were many instances proving that Brahmins have consumed beef. It has been revealed with supporting historical evidence by the reformist like Ambedhkar, T.T.Kozambi etc., even Vivekananda favouring Hindutva has agreed this historical bitter truth.

During those days the farmers were easily attracted to Buddhism due to their religious belief of non-killing and Jainism due to their simplicity, austerity, ahimsa and compassion.  Above all the main reason behind such mass conversion was due to the farmer’s sneer against the notorious beef eating culture of Brahmins.

The Brahmins came to one conclusion that in order to establish their religious superiority they had no other go except sacrificing beef eating.  Under such circumstance only they were forced to eschew beef. Even the noted religious leader of Hinduism, Sri. Sangarachari himself once insisted sacrificing cows in yaga was an essential religious necessity and custom.

The law prohibiting slaughtering cows will not deprive the license given to Brahmin indulging in beef trade but targeted those Muslims owning a mutton stalls, poor dalit and downtrodden including scheduled tribes who consume beef.

From this one can easily be convinced that the holiness of cow is just a fabricated lie coated with wrong history. The historians feel that this might have crept in their minds only during 8th century.

Even before the pre Ayodhya massacre there were only cows grazing in the birth place of lord Rama. Only RSS cunningly spread the rumour that Muslims slaughtered cows in front of the temple which led to riots and political turmoil killing innocent Muslims.

Whatever may be the reason for trespassing and demolishing the Ayodhya shrine   or eschewing beef eating, the Brahmins have conceived all in order to establish their religious cultural and social hegemony. Thus denial of beef eating is deftly injected as a general Hindu public culture in the minds of the people over a period of time.

However none can deny the fact that majority consume meat in India. For the poor the beef is definitely a less priced substitute.  The astonishing fact despite of meat abstinence by the Hinduthva, India’s annual production of meat is 63 lak tons. Out of this 40 lak tons comprises only beef. The national consumption is 22 lak tons. The balance 18 lak tons are exported.

There is no restriction in consuming beef in the northern east states. The cattle that are duly certified fit for culling by Kerala, Tamil Nadu and west Bengal states can be slaughtered. There is no restriction in culling bull cow in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Goa and Karnataka states. The flexible legislation in such states is meant to help the minorities including Dalits and tribal to consume beef without any religious hindrance.

The RSS hidden agenda is to de establish the economy of small Muslim traders those who represent major portion in this specific trade and thus depriving their livelihood. But paradoxically the act enforcing the beef abstinence affects Dalit and poor than Muslim people.  

As wrongly projected by the BJP the reduction in cattle strength was due to the excess consumption of beef is not in support of any valid statistic survey. As per the official statistic survey conducted during 2012 the number of cattle strength has been increased to 7.16% compare to 2007 figures. Because of this Act it is impossible for cores of farmers to maintain cattle for agriculture and dairy production. If the plight continues one day we may be losing our cattle like the way we had lost our precious horse race.

India stands globally first in milk production. The credit of running cooperative society thus pooling the strength of scattered small milk producers under the banner of AMUL in Gujarat goes to Mr Kurian. He vehemently opposed the act preventing cow slaughtering to sankarachariar which may eventually drew farmers from their agricultural land. Modi’s plan is to encourage corporate to enter and capture the land of defunct farmers aggrieved by this ACT.

Globally India stands next to Brazil in exporting buffalo meat. Annoyingly out of six major exporters four are Hindus. Out of this, two exporters are having their head office in Mumbai in the disguise name of Al Kabeer, Arabian exports as revealed by Muslim Mirror web site. The racial Hindus have banned only beef and not buffalo meat.    But the act is circumvented by labelling beef as buffalo meat and the export is done as before by Hindu exporters.

The Gujarat stands leading in beef exporting. The five star hotels in those states where BJP ruling exercising the ban on beef, can liberally import tinned beef without any restriction. Collectively we are forced to reach out a sturdy conclusion that the ban is not against import or export but strictly against the regional consumption by the minority and the poor.

The Hindus Once to divide the anti-colonial sentiments used the strategy of cow slaughtering now being ready for next colonization of their choice. This is the right moment we all should act together defying the ban. Already in Bihar 5 Dalits were immolated because of cow slaughtering. Enough human precious lives are lost because of Hinduthva agenda sanctifying cows as a political weapon.

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Emanuel Paparella2015-07-29 11:49:20
Undoubtedly spiritual values do interfere with a more practical and utilitarian approach, and the poor and the indigent cannot be fed only spiritual values, but then on the other hand Marx might have been a bit misguided in calling religion the opium of the people and implying that by bread alone does man live. He himself hints at times that art and beauty is a human necessity as well.

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