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Primal Australian Beach
by Annabelle Rose
2015-02-14 11:59:00
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austr01_400You can love or you can hate walking along the beach. People barely wearing anything on a hot day, lazing about, a book in one hand with a beer in the other while they immerse themselves in another world, fading out the intense sunshine with sunglasses, their skin slowly burning. You can pick the tourists for their white skin, the backpackers for their accents, the Australian true-life-time beach goers for their leathery skin.

You can despise partaking in this phenomenon. Sand finds its way everywhere on your body. You go to wash it off in the waves only for it to stick to you once again. The sand will follow wherever you may go. But when you adore this phenomenon of walking along the beach you feel the earth under your barefoot. You escape from the business suits, the business meetings, the shopping malls. You retreat and connect with something realer, something more primal. The hot sunshine nourishes your body while you inhale the sea air.

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