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Our Quantum life is NOT fatalistic, but full of choices
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2014-08-16 10:28:15
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In this final article in Dr. Harada's Quantum Palmistry, he argues that life is not predetermined but dependent upon the choices we make along the journey of life.

If one looks around into the world outside, one will see that the majority of people are not happy and have consigned themselves to their perceived fate. For example, most go into marriage believing in the Cinderella myth of 'living happily ever after'. However very few marriages end up that way, where the reality is more like 'a fatalistic acceptance of an unhappy marriage'. Same goes for work and career, financial wellbeing, social status, sporting achievements, and so on.

People tend to accept what is about their lives, almost to the point of being a prisoner of their own making. Boxed in without any knowledge of how to get out of the box.

However the lessons I have taught you over the series of articles on quantum palmistry rejects this quandary of a person being boxed in. Quantum palmistry should be empowering and fill your life with lots of choice of other potential life paths you could take.

Many people believe their destiny is attached to their past. For example an early life trauma like nearly drowning in a river, having a bike accident, or falling out of a tree, marks one's psych with scars that affect the way we see things and make decisions.

We are influenced by everything that happens to us, such as failing to graduate, which leaves us fatalistic about our destiny.

Our present status and position in life is made up of all the choices we have made to date. We are a product of our choices, rather than from some magical divine influence from above.

But in the quantum, if you are not satisfied or happy with your life, you must change.

This means if you can change the present, you will change the future.

Don't worry about past trauma, characteristics, habits, and personalities. All these things can be changed. Discard the consciousness of the past.

For example. Many people want to have many friends. But some find it difficult to have friends because of the way they feel about themselves, and give up. The problem lies in the thinking. They always try to compare themselves with others, where they are not attractive, smart, or outgoing like others. This traps you into the past.

You must compare yourself with your past thinking and behavior, and come up with a positive attitude about yourself. This will change the present and future, through just simply reframing who you are, not just comparing yourself to others.

Benchmark yourself, not others and you will change.

If your workplace isn't good. Get out of the box by making a new choice and change jobs. The power is with you.

If we are defensive about our life, we will fail to change it. We must be assertive about life. Proactive, take change into our stride. Embrace transformation as an exciting new challenge. This will help one eliminate the fear of life, which will greatly enhance our level of happiness.

Change is about energy. When you want to change, you need energy and power. Aging is not about getting old. Age is about losing hope and having no goals in life.

The vibrant energy of youth is about having hope and goals in life. This is what is important.

So this is what I want all readers to understand. Quantum palmistry provides a life map to guide us from where we are to where we want to go.

It's a life strategic tool, which you can use to choose the best way for you to go.

Destiny is your choice.


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Emanuel Paparella2014-08-16 19:23:55
So, destiny can be chosen. It sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but perhaps it is just a paradox...

Leah Sellers2014-08-16 20:04:14
Dear Yoshifumi,
Sir, I hope that this is not your last article to your Ovi readers.
NO matter what topics you may Choose to expound upon, your Wisdom and Great Compassionate Soul will be attentively read, regarded and considered by whomever reads your Thoughts, Ideas, Insights and Life's Experiences.
Thank you for all of your Work and Writings thus far, Sir.

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