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Quantum Palmistry: The hereditary nature of our fingerprints
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2014-06-13 09:41:20
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         Circular configuration                   Out and back configuration

Effectively, the only part of the hand that never changes are your fingerprints. Fingerprints are static snapshots that can tell us many things about our life. Due to the static nature of our fingerprints, the they contain a 'genetic' , rather than environmentally adapted information about our life, i.e., our natural 'inborn' talents and abilities. These traits tend to be hereditary, and thus may also be common to other members of the family. 

The fingerprints on the left hand will tell us about inborn talents, abilities, health, and thus our fate based upon these characteristics can be interpreted from this data. The right hand tends to reflect the result of our live efforts upon our natural talents and abilities. Thus, the right hand is particularly useful in seeing these traits in the later part of our life. This is perhaps due to the extra usage we employ the right hand (if we are right handed) in everyday life. If you are left-handed, the opposite is applicable.

What is important is that both the right and left hand are particularly reflective of our character if the fingerprints on both hands are different.

There are actually 32 different types and combinations of fingerprints, but they tend to run in two basic styles, a circular and out and back configuration. Very generally, if all fingerprints are circular, a person will tend to be dignified and refined, with a basic tendency towards being honest and good natured.  Health and life expectancy is generally good. They may also be cheerful, and sincere in their relationships. However with this circular configuration life may be up and down until middle age. On the downside, pride and vanity can interfere in these people's judgments.

With the out and back configuration comes a sense of justice and equity. They are very intuitive and tend to base their judgments on their own personal experiences. They tend to have a strong sense of duty towards others.  They carry a deep sense of responsibility.  They exhibit a good level of common sense. However when these traits are excessive, a person may be too empathetic and even emotional about life.  They may also be worriers and over anxious about things in life, and thus worry about things unnecessarily.

What is important here is to understand that the palmistry lines on our hand are much more important in any reading than our finger prints. The fingerprints only show our innate nature that is submerged below all our thoughts and life experiences.  For example, the fingerprints may indicate good health, but if you don't look after yourself in daily life, your current state of health maybe poor, no matter what your fingerprints indicate. The lines on our hand are reflective of our life experiences that have shaped us throughout our life. Likewise, if your fingerprints indicate a 'poor' set of talents and abilities, this can be overcome through learning and training in everyday life, where your weaknesses can be overcome.

The value in reading our fingerprints is in seeing what our innate qualities really are. This could be extremely important for rebuilding a 'luckless' life, where things may have gone wrong, into a new life supported by our natural talents and abilities. Thus reading the fingerprints may be very important for those who seek a life-change.


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