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Blind Politics
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2018-12-09 07:33:48
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Blind  Politics

We were watching the TV, Louie and me.
He’s blind, so he don’t even stare at the thing.  He only half listens.
Me, I do the translating.  I tell him what the pictures show.
We been doing this for years; it’s like making love, though don’t get me wrong.

ttv_400This night we were watching about the war.
And the Colonel with the pointer was explaining how our boys are doing this and that.
Basically kicking the shit out of the bastards, like always.
And Gerry the duck, our mascot kind of, he pipes up and says:
“Well, crap, if that’s all there is to it, then why don’t they give an ordinary guy like me a chance?”

Louie says Gerry talks too goddamn much; Gerry knows it’s true.
He looks cruelly in Gerry’s direction: “Give you a chance?  Give you a chance!
You are intemperate, you little duck prick!” he perorates.
He’s a patriot he is.  “Why, I bet if the president…
If the goddamn president of the goddamn United States of America
Walked into this room right now you’d give him lip too,
You impertinent dumb cluck fuck duck you!”

Louie has a way with words all right.  Shut Gerry right up.  I love Louie.
So then I went back to translating for him, but what do I see out of the corner of my eye
But the president himself, half hiding in the hallway, shy to enter our basement.
There he was, saying nothing, so I (since it is my house, isn’t it?), I yell
Over to him and say: “Mister President, sir, don’t be afraid.
We’re all good Americans here.  You can come in and sit down and no one will
Say shit to you.”  So in he comes and sits down on the arm of the sofa
And watches the TV with the rest of us.

Louie and Gerry made believe he wasn’t there, I think.
I offered him a beer, I offered him pretzels, whatever.  He declined all offers.
I felt he should be treated gently, what with all that he must have on his mind and all.
Suddenly, Louie erupts.  “Who you talking to?” he asks me, turning around.
I say, very softly, “Hey, don’t yell ― it’s the prez…”


Well that was that, and that’s when it began.
He and the prez hit it off big.
If I may say, Louie carried all before him.
His obvious intelligence and nobility won the President over.
The two of them got into this long, long conversation.
They talked about the war, and the economy, the sorry state of education these days,
Family breakups and I don’t know what else.

Just to show you what a class act is ― Louie would never
Steer the conversation to subjects on which he is one of the world’s authorities,
Like the beers of the world, for example.
Such a cheap shot is beneath the man.

By the end Gerry was on the presidential lap quacking away with abandon,
Happy to have met such an exalted personage, and consequently
On his best behavior.
Louie, seeing (in a metaphorical manner) how smooth everything was going,
Leaned over to me and said loudly for all to hear:  “See what I mean, Archie?
It’s really true, America is the greatest country in this whole stinking world!”


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"Translations from the Cinema"
You can download them for FREE HERE!


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