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Don't Horse Around During the Year of the Horse
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2014-02-14 11:57:49
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Before we get into the potential events of the Year of the horse, let's have a look about how the calendar was formatted in the first place. This has some important bearing upon how each year unravels.

Each year is symbolized by a specific animal within the Chinese calendar. How did each year become associated with one particular animal?

horse01_400_01Before the beginning of time, the God of the heavens asked all the animals to assemble. The animals heard a specific place and time to gather. The cow was smart, but slow, so started the journey early. However the lazy rat decided to get a free ride on the back of the cow, and just before arriving to assemble before the God, jumped off the cow and arrived first. This is why the rat is a deceiving creature. The rat told the cat to come a day late. The cat realizing the rat had lied to him, has ever since had a very strained relationship with the rat, where cats will also chase rats.

Last year was the year of the snake. The snake is Number 6 in the Chinese calendar. As I mentioned last year in the article this time before the year of the snake, the snake never moves in any straight direction. So as we saw last year, very few conclusions to any events actually occurred. Most issues have flowed onto the this year without being resolved.

The snake closes off the first six years, while the horse signifies a change for the second six years.  The year of the horse is a year of change. Some changes will be good, and some changes may be for the worse.

This means that during the year of the horse we must think deeply about what we should do. Making short term decisions, can very easily lead to long term consequences.

Consequently one must think long term during this year. For example thinking about short term profit, could lead to long term consequences. You may buy a nice property with a view to capital gain, but the future market may go in a way that makes the investment bad. Remember next year will be the year of the sheep, where there is likely to be much suffering. Think about the sheep's major asset, the wool on his back.

Therefore you must think this year for the coming hard times. Our actions must be focused on avoiding future suffering.

On the positive side, horses are an animal which lives and works in harmony with humankind. This means that you must look for sources of harmony. Metaphorically, the horse could be our employer, spouse, teacher, or any other person who may be important to us. We must focus on these relationships. There could well be some form of turning point in any of these relationships.

The year of the horse will also be very paradoxical. What happens during the first 6 months, will be different to what happens during the second 6 months. So one must not be under any illusions that things if fine during the first 6 months will be fine during the second 6 months, and vice versa.

So let's have a quick look at world events.

The Chinese economy already started slowing down last year, and this will be expected to continue, where a turning point will be reached. Korean exports are down and will have to look at new strategies to keep their economy buoyant. Thailand is undergoing political change, and the Australian economy is under threat through industry shutdown. Even in Malaysia, we are already seeing a changeover in leadership. President Obama may be under much more personal scrutiny this year, while the EU may have to come to new views about what it exists for.

However on the positive side, there may be a resolution in Syria, a breakthrough in Palestine, and even an understanding reached with Iran.

We can get some further insights into the coming year through the lifecycle of a horse. A young horse is wild and untamed, and thus rough and unpredictable, but once tamed and broken in can be in harmony with those around it. Thus in the second half of the year, many issues and problems may become manageable, just like a jockey rides a horse.

And remember here the horse is very powerful, and if this power can be harnessed, many wonderful and inspiring things can be achieved later on this year.

If you ride the horse very fast, it may transform into Pegasus and take off, leading very little time to think. If however, one restrains this rush, the horse may become a unicorn sleeping among beautiful ladies in delusion.

So how should we think and operate during the coming year?

This year is a year of preparation. The coming years will be tough. Build up your assets, consolidate your relationships, and know where you want to go in the future. If you start something new, you may have very few problems in the future, but if you don't get prepared for hard times ahead.

So remember this year can be seen as a long horse race where jockey and horse must work together.




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