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Quantum Palmistry: Other marks on the hand
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2014-01-18 13:10:44
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As you know in palmistry, lines and shape are important definers in how we read a person's situation. Other marks also can play a significant role in interpretation. So it is worth a couple of articles to discuss the significance of marks in readings.

palm01_400_01On anybody's hand there maybe some marks. Sometimes these black marks may just appear and in time also disappear. The reason for this is extremely complex and related to our skin, environment, and basic metabolism. What is important for quantum palmists is the significance of these marks on the meaning of any palm reading. These marks can appear on any part of the palm. The diagram shows the general sectors where marks may appear. Lets explain the general significance of each sector.

A mark in sector A indicates a very competitive person who wants to win at any cost. He/she is uncompromising. This trait is very suitable for some vocations like competitive sports, however could be disastrous for example for a person who is a salesman and needs to be flexible and compromise.

A mark in sector B indicates irrationality. Such a person may find it very difficult to make decisions and there will be an air of emotion and anger within the person.

A mark in sector C indicates a tendency to become intensely involved in relationships with the opposite sex. Most often the person with a mark in this sector can easily lose themselves in any relationship.

A mark in sector D indicates nervousness. Such a person will tend to get absorbed in detail. They are also superstitious and make decisions on irrational facets.

A mark in sector E indicates ambition that borders on being malicious. Consequently, this type of trait often leads to failure as the person is highly driven by self interest which hinders flexibility.

A mark in sector F indicates selfishness and coldness. These people have little consideration for others, They are highly jealous and hysterical when others do something different to what the person wants.

A mark in sector G indicates a very short temper. This trait is a major shortcoming which most often leads to failure in business, career, and personal relationships.

A mark in sector H indicates that a person tends to worry about things before they happen. These people tend to be extremely nervous and anxious in everyday life.

A mark in sector I indicates self centered and stingy thinking. These people don't consider others and are out and out cold towards those who represent nothing for them.

A mark in sector J indicates a moody disposition in a person. These people tend to have no sense of beauty and have a taste for trashy things.

A mark in sector K indicates a person who likes to speculate and gamble. They most often lose which inhibits their ability to develop themselves financially and spiritually.

A mark in sector L indicates selfishness. These people have a strong urge for love and affection from others. These people have an aesthetic sense, however they find it difficult to maintain assets of value.  

A mark in sector M indicates a person who is a compulsive liar. These people have a low sense of spirituality and prefer to live in a world of fantasy.

A mark in sector N indicates a simple, straightforward and uncomplicated person. They have little sense of economy which affects their everyday decisions.

A mark in sector O indicates waste. These people buy unnecessary things and find it very difficult to save. Their personality tends to be driven by desire. These people are easy accomplices to others with evil intentions.

Marks show the quantum world, where things appear and disappear. These marks can be an indication to someone that something is not right. For example, when I was spending too much money shopping a mark appeared in sector O, which warned me that I was wasting money. When I slowed down on my shopping habit the mark just disappeared.

So please remember these marks do necessarily mean bad things. They can be indicators of our disposition. They can warn us that we may be straying down the wrong path and prompt us to make personal corrections.

It's always important to be aware of the marks on our hand.



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