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Translations from the Cinema - Redbeard Translations from the Cinema - Redbeard
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2021-11-14 10:33:32
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Redbeard sees all, knows all, cures all.

Those grocking sounds are actually swallowings,
As the man forces himself to not cry out, not say the imprecations.
Percolations of the inward cries cause the glutinal clicks.
The man is gasping like some wretched reptile.
He refuses all help, even water.
There is nothing medical science can do to cure the will to die.
Redbeard the brilliant clinician knows that he can only watch.

The man looks old, but is not old.
Just finished.
There is tension in that dry stretched skin.
There is purity in those tearless eyes.
Cancer was eating him alive, but this,

This burst the kernal of his will.

The skull beneath tautens the skin.
The perfidy, the refusal bleeding the heart tautens the skull.
The story is told in Redbeard's words, the results are shown in pictures.

We don't know how the doctor knows,
But he recounts to his quaking assistant the whole sad story:
About the wife's perfidy, her absconding with his daughter, the years of long waiting,
Then the death of the wife and the refusal of the daughter to return.
Quite enough.

With his death it is time for this doctor of the soul to dissolve all tragedy.
When the daughter comes for the body, filled with remorse,
Magesterial Redbeard reaches down, pulls her up, plies her with noble lies,
Consoling her with a long false story of the man's redemption, and therefore her redemption.
The end is all so calm, and noble, and philosophical.

But, I, Redbeard, would like to say a loud Fuck You.
I wanted you to honor that scream that was in that man,
Which he swallowed in self-contempt, and again in contempt of this ignoble world.
I wish you had elicited that scream, let it come forth to fumigate the world,
A smoke noble and purifying, rising sinuously, if only for some seconds,
So that the world would have to listen, even if it did no good.



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