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Landmarks of Rebellion
by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
2013-09-17 09:02:09
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Kevin Lynch, the urban theoretician, as a result of a case study, described five urban elements to identify a city’s mental image: paths, districts, nodes, edges, and landmarks. (Kevin Lynch, 1960, The Image of the City, MIT Press).

28 May 2013 s accepted as the starting date of Gezi Park Protests in İstanbul. It has become a country-spread protest and rebellion after the police’s tear gas distribution early in a morning on sleeping protestors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_protests_in_Turkey).

From that date, in every day or night, when a protest occurs, people start to communicate and connect on Twitter and Facebook and inform each other about the safe places that they can escape from the police or that they can be treated. Owners of some places let the protesters in, whereas others do not. The places that do not let the protesters in are started to have been boycotted after people announced the names over social media. Even a boycott list is prepared:     http://boykotlistesi.com/tum-liste/

In literature landmarks are classified in many aspects: global-local landmarks, physical-cognitive landmarks, spatial-nonspatial landmarks, etc.

I think, after all, a new classification for landmarks is needed at least for Turkey:

positive landmarks: the spaces that let protesters in;

negative landmarks: the spaces that do not let protesters in!


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