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Quantum Palmistry: The Passion Line
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-07-11 12:23:42
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This week's line is very interesting and could almost be called the libido line. However limiting our palms01_400interpretation to only the sexual aspects of our personality would be too restrictive. The passion line can provide us with much wider insights into our personality and indeed our basic motivations, as sexual energy can be both constructive and destructive. Sexual urge can be the essence of creativity, or the essence of social dysfunction. This line is the nexus of our biological, psychological and social demeanor.

The A typology represents a strong environmental awareness. Sensually this type of person is very attuned to the sexual interests of others. They will know when another person is interested in them very quickly. When this talent is focused on the environment, type A people are sensitive to sound, music, colour, feelings of others, and the general environment around them. Constructively channeled this person will be passionately engaged in art, literature, social activities in a very creative way.

Type A people have very high empathy towards people and the events going on around them. Their passion will attract others and be a strong driver of their inner talents and generate strong creative energies. These people tend to have an inner charisma and as they build upon this with their creativity and attraction to others, the passion line may appear on the hand. Such people will most probably be artists, or in the entertainment industry, although they could also be deeply involved in occupations concerning people.

However there is a burden for many type A people in regards to their focus. The energy generated within a person can easily turn into sexual drive and distract them from other creative pursuits. Thus the creative type A people in this world are the ones who have managed to control and channel their libido. This is why you will see many successful people have lots of sexual partners.

Finally the type A person may have a tendency to look down on others who don't meet their standards. This can lead to arrogance and even narcissism in extreme cases, making these people extremely difficult to live with. This trait can also make these people very unsatisfied with live and restless.

The B typology is highly passionate. These people can very quickly become affectionate to someone in passing, only to change when they have a new encounter with someone else. This passion if unchecked can control their lives leading them into one relationship after another. The highly strung passion within these people is also closely associated with anger, and upon any sense of frustration or things not going their own way, passion will be channeled into anger. Type B people tend to lack much sense of self discipline, and due to this lack of strategic focus tend to be bored very quickly, so are unable to pursue long term goals.

However a strong and deep wisdom line indicates that a type B person will be able to prevent sexual domination of their will, and channel these energies into other creative activities. If a person is able to successfully convert sexual energy into creative energy, then the passion line will resemble the A typology.

The C typology, if unchecked is habitually preoccupied with sex and these people will continually seek out partners. The level of sexual energy within these people is extremely difficult to temper. Their life and actions are driven by the thrill of new sexual conquests. Their life is almost totally consumed in satisfying their ego, which can also lead to arrogance and eventual narcissism.  

The type D typology is concerned with love and affection. However these people tend to judge affection through sex. This obsession is usually so powerful, that other pursuits like career are not as important as seeking out affection from others, manifested in sexual activity. Consequently typology D people tend to have a very low self esteem, which is boosted through regular sex. This general lack of confidence, prevents them from channeling the energy they have into other creative pursuits.

The type E typology is one of a sexually unsatisfied person who seeks sexual encounters with many partners. For these people, seeking partners is a source of pleasure in itself, a game, a pass-time, something that consumes almost all of their emotional energy. The empathy of these people is different from others in that it is driven by a sense of Machiavellian manipulative-ness, where people are seen as part of the game. Consequently these people have little compassion and feelings for others, due to their own self-centeredness. Type E people find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to remain faithful in any relationship. Any partner of a type E person must be very understanding about the nature of their partner.

However type E people have a sense of ruthlessness that is often needed to be successful. This is also the trait of many entrepreneurs, politicians, and other leaders of our society. Therefore is these energies are channeled towards other activities than sexual pursuit, great success can be achieved.

The type F typology is a hungry unsatisfied sexual deviated person who is highly strung and emotional. These people have very little self control bordering on the psychotic.  These people are extremely selfish, self-centered, and have little regard for ethics. Their emotional un-satisfaction leads to them seeking new excitement through abnormal sexual behavior.

However the above traits if positively channeled can lead to curiosity and quest for new ideas and ways of doing things, an important trait in creativity. Rightly focused these people can become very high achievers.

The passion line is about crude animalistic sexual energy. It is only humans who have the intellect and ability to convert this crude energy into higher level creative energy that can benefit mankind. It is not the passion line in isolation that is important, but rather the relationship to the wisdom, mind, life, and fate lines, for its only our higher wisdom that can convert this crude sexual energy into other types of energy. Our energy derived by the passion line is converted into higher states by the other lines. For example, part of the energy of the life line comes from the passion line, but also part of the energy of the passion line comes from the life line.

So if you have a passion line as shown in the 6 typologies above, this doesn't necessarily mean that you are driven by sexual passion. Rather this means you have a magnificent source of crude animalistic energy ready for conversion to the creative pursuits of life. The passion line also gives us warning about ethics and spirituality, which both can be easily destroyed by our crude emotions, as sexual desire can just as much be associated with love, as it can be with greed. However are actual ethical disposition also hinges upon of wisdom line, and thus the two lines must be read concurrently.

To understand ourselves through the passion line is to give us an insight into the very crude emotions that drive our personality. Any quantum reading should not be undertaken without considering what the passion line offers our personality.  


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Eleana2013-07-11 16:31:33
Thank you for your interesting articles.

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