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Quantum Palmistry: The "opportunity window" constellation
by Dr. Yoshifumi Harada
2013-06-09 10:24:05
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The "opportunity window" constellation is one of the most dynamic phenomena on our hands. The "opportunity window" constellation resembles a characteristic in quantum physics where some particles may exist for only for a very short period of time before decaying. This is the same for this constellation, a grid may suddenly appear on your hand, opening up an opportunity, but just as it came, it can also disappear to nowhere. The "opportunity constellation" is one of the seven mysteries of quantum palmistry.

palm01_400_10Before explaining what these 'grids' mean on our hands, let's have a look at the causes that create and destroy these constellations. As you know the Chinese believe in Chi, (in Japanese this is pronounced ki) the life-force within us. Chi is both affected by the state of our health and the environment. How is chi affected by the environment?,  you may ask. Chi is affected by how we perceive the environment. For example if you are a student and exams are coming up, no doubt you will feel stressed and these feelings will affect your state of health. If you are in a relationship and your perceptions are positive, then the affect on your chi will also be positive and visa versa.

Let's look at 'grid A'. "Grid A" signifies health and affection. The appearance of the grid with and elastic palm means that your body has developed extra reserves of stamina for some work or life purpose. Because there is this special paradoxical relationship with affection, this energy may go into the relationship, making it more passionate, intimate, and affectionate. In this way this grid rekindles or focuses our youthful energies and passions about life. In the yang of this grid, an aura of sex appeal may radiate out from within you. This is the human equivalent to possessing pheromones. In more mature life this sex appeal may become charisma, and if understood and harnessed can be a very powerful part of your personality.  

Now here is some very good news. You can manage the conditions that may create this 'grid" through having the right diet, doing the right exercise, and having the right thoughts and disposition about life. It's about managing your stress, which will dramatically boost your immune system and actually help you prevent disease.

On the affection side, the 'grid' signifies softness, caring, and a concerning manner towards a relationship. If the partner is a younger one, this can lead to possessiveness. If the partner is an older one, this may lead to devotion. This can be very healthy, however, if excessive can cause a clinging-ness to a relationship, where the person's affection maybe used by the other partner through taking advantage. So the 'A grid' can also be a sign of naiveties in relationships.

However, this 'grid' can also signify an open awareness to both nature and people around us, bringing joy and happiness to a person who possess this quality. So this grid is like life, it can come and go according to the circumstances of our life.

Now let's go to the 'B grid". The 'B grid' represents a wandering fickleness. When the 'B grid' appears opportunities arise to acquire new partners. This occurs through the 'aura' that develops from within the person which helps them interrelate with the gestures and advances of others. This personality is a very flirtful one, taking advantage of both the extrovert-ness of the person and opportunities for advances that other people may give in overtures. One of the downsides of this trait is that people easily become bored with partners because they develop high standards of what they want in a partner. The 'B grid' is a basis of infidelity, so must be managed. Too much of the time, we think with our hormones and the emotions they produce, throwing reason to the door. Again the source of the appearance of this grid relates to the hormones produced according to our health.

There is another aspect to this 'B grid". The existence of the 'B grid' may give a person and extra sense of curiosity and therefore give them the traits of an adventurer. This may not necessarily be an adventurer in the sense of travelling, but may mean that a person will think of alternatives, or better ways to do things, or take up new challenges in life. The raw side of the 'B grid' is pure energy, you just have to know how to harness this energy for constructive purposes if you want to take the opportunity here in creating some success for yourself.

The 'C grid' is a truly amazing one. The 'C grid' encompasses the raw energy of inspiration. It takes what we see outside and mixes these stimuli with what's inside of us and comes out in the form of great inspiration. An idea, a 'eureka' moment, a realization about some form of destiny for the future. The 'C grid' provides us with possibilities of what could be, the ultimate reasoning and wisdom about life for us.

The 'C grid' is the basis of great imagination, the essence of creativity. The 'C grid' shows our potential to be successful entrepreneurs, career people, or just someone with an idea. It could also become a heightened state of personal awareness for an individual where they learn some of the wisdom of life in a new way that they have not ever seen before. What's important here is that you must take this opportunity to be successful, whether its socially, businesswise, or spiritually.

The 'opportunity window' constellation contains all the mysteries about potential life probabilities for us. We like within a multi-verse of possibilities which any one of them we can turn into the reality that we want in life. This constellation is thus very powerful, as it concentrates and embraces many of our raw energies, but at the same time very dangerous because if we lack the wisdom to see the consequences of our actions, we could end up in lots of trouble and/or unhappiness.

Remember this constellation is called the 'opportunity window', meaning that opportunities come and go, and you only have a short period of time to take advantage of it. It also means that opportunity is also a product of yourself, we in fact make opportunities, the environment only serves up the circumstances and conditions upon what opportunities can be created.

The best advice I can give you when looking to act upon this constellation is that you must be very careful what you wish for.

Talk more next week.

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