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Melancholy Melancholy
by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
2022-08-03 07:55:42
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Slowly you come on, slowly you press down.
Seeping and soothing, but darkening my dreams.
Soon my futures are all dun.

melanch01_400Get away, you bitch!
I'll have to look over my shoulder, walk zigzag, hide in coverts —
Anything to avoid you, you nasty brute you.

I'm tired of shoving you off me, you monstrous incubus,
Tired of carrying you, as though I owed you something.
You swell up behind my eyes and darken everything.
You act as though you have the right to.

Here I lie abed, with you on top of me.
Push here, and you flop over to there.
Suffocating, formless, unanswerable, refusing to shake hands,
Or obey rules, or be fair, or rest awhile, or be shamed.

Stand back!  Roll away!
Or I'll beat you with this stick.
I'll beat myself on the head until you go away.
Oh, stop arguing that there is a good reason for all this.

I've succumbed to you too many times.
No more!
Believe me, if I could just get hold of you,
I'd take you by the throat.  I'd do you serious harm.

I'm too old for this crap anymore, these pictures with black borders.
All that crap. … I will outlast you, do you in,
I'll give a public demonstration of your dissipation
And then, with no explanation, give myself a celebration.

What I need are glad sunrises, and an end to black borders,
Soothing love, bountiful beauty, warm mirth.
Because when you roll in, blocking the light,
You smother all good things, pale them in spite.


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"Translations from the Cinema"
You can download them for FREE HERE!

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