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Number 1000
by Asa Butcher
2006-11-13 10:09:33
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Over 1,000 different articles have been published on www.ovimagazine.com, since its creation almost two years ago, and it has taken the combined efforts of nearly 80 contributors to reach this landmark number. We don't want to become too nostalgic over this achievement or make a huge fuss because we are saving our energy for our second anniversary in December. Instead, here is a flashback at one-hundred increments.

Article 100:

Chess on steroids by Thanos Kalamidas (Issue 4)

My first reaction was laughter when Thanos first emailed this article to me back in April 2005, but it became apparent that chess players would be tested for banned substances, such as steroids, after confirming his text with some of my own research. I couldn't believe that participants in this sport, no, board game could benefit from plasma expanders or other drugs, and I still can't today.

Quote: "The truth is that the only pill these people could use would be a smart pill, but if they had invented a smart pill do you think any of them would play chess or bridge for money? Chess players on steroids, now that’s a really scary thought!"

Article 200:

Road to peace by Bohdan Yuri (Issue 6)

This was one of Bohdan Yuri's first contributions to Ovi magazine and it was a bold article examining a Middle East peace plan presented by Abe Hirschfield and Dr. Mohammed Mehdi in 1974. Throughout this article published in June 2005, Bohdan asks a number of 'what ifs?' and analyses 1974 solution of Palestinians and Jews living side-by-side, literally and logistically as next-door neighbours. His article also has a timeless quality to it.

Quote: "Every country/state is first a state of mind. The United States was first formed in the mind of freedom. The land only serves as a place to fulfil that dream of spirit. It is with that kind of state of mind that peace should be dealt, not by flags, walled boundaries, or religions."

Article 300:

Iran strikes again by Thanos Kalamidas (Issue 8)

Ahhh, Thanos and Iran…a relationship that only grows stronger by the month. I can't recall in which issue Thanos coined the term 'puppet president', but it certainly stuck to everybody's favourite mullah marionette. September 2005 saw Iran announce to the world that they would like to share their knowledge in nuclear power with other Muslim countries. Well, Thanos wasn't going to let that escape without comment.

Quote: "What does Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mean by saying that Iran is ready to share their nuclear knowledge with any other Muslim country? I don’t believe that currently that would include countries like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait? Who will be the beneficiaries? Syria, Sudan, Kazakhstan or perhaps Chechnya?"

Article 400:

Parisian fires continue by Thanos Kalamidas (Issue 10)

The topic of the French riots had rolled on for a few months when Thanos decided to write another piece about them in December 2005. His article examines the fact that, despite the French youth having calmed down, there are new fires burning around Paris that need to be extinguished. The fires were burning within French media with the Minister of Interior Nicola Sarkozi representing the worst of this racist nightmare, so Thanos offered his opinions.

Quote: "The French-Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut said that all about unemployed youth is nothing more than ‘rubbish excuses from masochists’; sociologists who have no connection with reality."

Article 500:

What Russia's doing right by David J. Cord (Issue 12)

May 2006, issue 12 and David J. Cord manages to meet our deadline by hours; it was less, but you wouldn't have believed me. His last-minute contribution tackled Russia's responsible fiscal and monetary policy that resulted in economic growth, a stable currency, a booming stock market and healthy public finances. It may have earned the begrudging respect of the world's public finance officials, but there are problems.

Quote: "Low rates spur economic growth, and simple systems such as flat taxes reduce inefficiency. Steve Forbes may not have been able to talk America into a flat tax plan, but Vladimir Putin showed the world that he was serious about Russian economic growth with a stroke of a pen."

Article 600:

Mullahs strike again by Thanos Kalamidas (Issue 14)

A couple of hundred articles later and it is almost a sequel to number 300, although there had been quite a few other sequels during the 300 articles separating the two. May 2006 witnessed the puppet president of Iran claiming that becoming a nuclear power marks the beginning of the second phase of the Islamic revolution of 1979 and they believe that the USA will not react militarily. Thanos couldn't type fast enough to answer the latest statement from Iran and mentions again his hope that the Iranian people will one day overthrow the mullahs.

Quote: "The Iranian dictators are using their parasites, so called 'reporters', to lobby in Europe repeatedly saying that Israel is a nuclear power and that nobody said anything when India and Pakistan became nuclear powers, plus they say even North Korea did it and it seems that everybody goes soft with them."

Article 700:

Coming events by Jan Sand (Issue 16)

Issue #16 was 'Copycats' back in July 2006 and Jan Sand, Ovi's good friend, was submitting poetry back in those dark distant days before he began writing those amazing articles he submits today. Oh what a difference a few months make! Anyway, his poem is entitled 'Coming events' and begins with the line, "Following the big bang, All sorts of things, Curious and consequential Took wing." It only gets better from there!

Quote: "Whoever set off
The original firecracker,
The Original Bushwhacker,
Will sigh and cough And neatly fold
The whole shebang
Back upon itself."

Article 800:

Marlow & Kurtz by Asa Butcher (2006-09-30 09:21:05)

My ego is saved! Thanos has had four, plus the next one, so I am relieved to appear at least once in this 100-increment count-up and happy that it was one of my iKritics that is mentioned. My review of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness was a Herculean effort upon my part because I just couldn't find the perfect opening paragraph, which is vital to me. Nothing felt right for weeks after completing this 100-page novella, until I just wrote exactly that.

Quote: "One hundred pages divided into three chapters gave me the false understanding that I could fly through the pages and be on to my next book in a matter of days…how wrong was I."

Article 900:

Turkey's freedom of speech by Thanos Kalamidas (2006-10-14 10:30:45)

It is fitting that Thanos should appear once again, but this time he writes about his other favourite subject: Turkey. Number 900 appeared less than a month ago, so some of you will be familiar with his examination of a Turkish MP's hypocritical outburst over France's law declaring denial of the Armenian Genocide illegal. Thanos throws words, such as 'freedom of speech', about like confetti at a wedding and then reminds Turkey that they want to become an EU member. It is classic Thanos!

Quote: "So perhaps before Turkey starts talking about freedom of speech, it must clear up a few issues. One of the things Turkey has to 'sort out' is the illegal military occupation of a European Union member for over thirty years now."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

So, that was our round up of the nine articles that appeared at each progressive 100-mark. I hope you enjoyed refreshing your memory of some of our team's archive work and take the opportunity to advance search our full back catalogue, perhaps you'll see something you missed first time round.

I wonder what will happen between now and number 2,000…

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Asa2006-11-12 10:20:10
It may have been 1,000 Ovi articles last week, but that doesn't include the Le Meteque articles, the cartoons, the exhibitions and all the extra bits we have on Ovi...where do we find the time?

Chris2006-11-12 17:58:27
We find the time, the words, the rhyme
For all the world to see
I thank you all who write and work
And thanks for finding me

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