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Disingenuous remarks that matter in a digital worldDisingenuous remarks that matter in a digital world by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
04 November 2021
Last week, a friend of mine shared a tweet from Aparna Sen, a Bengali-speaking Indian actress and movie director. She had tweeted: "What has happened to Bangladesh? Is it turning into Pakistan? One keeps reading and hearing about... (Add a comment)
Missing Feeding of the Birds (V3)Missing Feeding of the Birds (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
04 November 2021
Keeping my daily journal diary short these sweet bird sounds lost- reviews January through March. Joy a dig deep snow on top of my sorrows. (Add a comment)
Ephemera 21#25Ephemera 21#25 by Thanos Kalamidas
04 November 2021
Ephemera: a word with ancient Greek roots meaning "something that is produced or created that is never meant to last or be remembered". (Add a comment)
Soviet tanks in HungarySoviet tanks in Hungary by The Ovi Team
04 November 2021
November 4th 1956; The Soviet air force has bombed part of the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and Russian troops have poured into the city in a massive dawn offensive. At least 1,000 Soviet tanks are reported... (1 comment)
A World Government in Action A World Government in Action by Rene Wadlow
03 November 2021
Thomas Nordstrom has written a useful book which more accurately should have been calles "The Need for a World Government in Action". He outlines many of the challenges facing the world society and stresses that the United Nations... (Add a comment)
Midnight PoetMidnight Poet by Nikos Laios
03 November 2021
The city streets Are cold and grey, The rain is steady And the crumpled Leaves curl up in piles (Add a comment)
Past century revisitedPast century revisited by Ovi Magazine Guest
03 November 2021
It is 100 years since we were supposedly getting over the war to end all wars, World War I, and forming the League of Nations with the purpose of preventing such a conflict and slaughter happening again. (Add a comment)
Tang & Ram 21#20Tang & Ram 21#20 by Thanos Kalamidas
03 November 2021
Putting pieces together never helped Ram's brutal sarcasm to Tang. (Add a comment)
Laika becomes the first animal to orbit the EarthLaika becomes the first animal to orbit the Earth by The Ovi Team
03 November 2021
Laika was a Soviet space dog that became the first animal to orbit the Earth and the first orbital death. The technology to deorbit had not yet been developed, so there was no expectation for survival. (1 comment)
Panama declares independencePanama declares independence by The Ovi Team
03 November 2021
November 3rd 1903; with the support of the U.S. government, Panama issues a declaration of independence from Colombia. The revolution was engineered by a Panamanian faction backed by the Panama Canal Company... (Add a comment)
Malaysia's 12th Plan: In search of a realistic new socio-economic strategyMalaysia's 12th Plan: In search of a realistic new socio-economic strategy by Murray Hunter
02 November 2021
The Ismail Sabri govt and RM12 is a re-affirmation of the NEP and continuation of the existing approach to both macro-economic management and intervention in the economy. The great significance of the Pandora papers is that... (Add a comment)
BlackieBlackie by Jan Sand
02 November 2021
My wife's three legged cat moves strange. He hops about in rabbit fashion Modifying hunting passion In a very microcosmic range. (Add a comment)
Cool-weather gardeningCool-weather gardening by Ovi Magazine Guest
02 November 2021
Shorter days and cooler temperatures mean gardeners everywhere can flex their green thumb that much longer to squeeze every last moment out of the growing season. (Add a comment)
Shootin the bad guysShootin the bad guys by Patrick McWade
02 November 2021
'Then, Again' is a cartoon series by Patrick McWade. (Add a comment)
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