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31 December 2020
Eventually it was revealed that under the magnificent armor of the Red Knight, Parzival remained in the clothes of a fool, even as his mother had dressed him when he first rode into the world. Observing mockingly... (Add a comment)
The Julian Assange Pardon DriveThe Julian Assange Pardon Drive by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
31 December 2020
The odds are stacked against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks publisher who faces the grimmest of prospects come January 4. On that day, the unsympathetic judicial head of District Judge Vanessa Baraitser will reveal her... (Add a comment)
Individual and social definitions of geniusIndividual and social definitions of genius by Joseph Gatt
31 December 2020
How different people I have encountered define "genius." "Genius doesn't exist. All men are stupid... but don't you dare call me or my loved ones 'stupid.' The rest of the world, well, they're all morons." (Add a comment)
It is New Year's EveIt is New Year's Eve by The Ovi Team
31 December 2020
New Year's Eve means fireworks, resolutions, parties and a lot of noise but most of all it means hope for a better next year! (Add a comment)
New Year's EveNew Year's Eve by The Ovi Team
31 December 2020
New Year eve and every different nation have its unique traditions that often have survived through time, invaders and changes. So here some of them from different places around the world. (2 comments)
Progress And AntigressProgress And Antigress by Jan Sand
30 December 2020
There are at present disruptive forces and people who are involved with the solidifying mutations of our current society and how they are attempting, somewhat successfully, to undermine the basic forces and institutions... (Add a comment)
Never Belonging: George Blake's Spy ExploitsNever Belonging: George Blake's Spy Exploits by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
30 December 2020
Filling the espionage ranks with legions of the non-belonging comes with its share of risk. The process is counter-intuitive, putting stock in skill and aptitude above the potential compromise of loyalty and divergence. (Add a comment)
If I were a stock (how the stock market works)If I were a stock (how the stock market works) by Joseph Gatt
30 December 2020
Let's say my name is Yossi Gatt and I'm 18 years old. I was born in 2002. I just graduated high school and got accepted by Harvard University. (Add a comment)
Gravitas, Grudges, GritGravitas, Grudges, Grit by Ovi Magazine Guest
30 December 2020
Alone in the dark hours of morning I computer-track my son's progress in the Kona Ironman, a thin blue line edging across a screen. Checking emails, I learn my nephew will drive me later to his boyhood rural hospital. (Add a comment)
Led Zeppelin captured liveLed Zeppelin captured live by The Ovi Team
30 December 2020
Within a year, they'd be big. Within two, they'd be huge. And within three, they'd be the biggest band in the world. But on December 30, 1968, the quartet of British rockers preparing for their fifth-ever gig in the United States... (Add a comment)
Grigori RasputinGrigori Rasputin by The Ovi Team
30 December 2020
January 30th 1916; Grigori Rasputin, a self-fashioned Russian holy man, is murdered by Russian nobles eager to end his sway over the royal family. (Add a comment)
Trump's Pardons for the Festive SeasonTrump's Pardons for the Festive Season by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
29 December 2020
A flurry of them has been expected, and just prior to Christmas, US President Donald Trump waved his wand of pardon with vigour. On December 22, the president issued fifteen pardons and five commutations. (Add a comment)
I Keep My PoemsI Keep My Poems by George Cassidy Payne
29 December 2020
in handwoven Amish wicker baskets, sealed in glass (Add a comment)
MoneyMoney by Joseph Gatt
29 December 2020
Let's imagine a closed house. Mommy gets paid to cook. Mommy employs daughter 1 who helps her cook and pays daughter 1 wages. Daddy owns the bank and insurance services, his wife and kids pay him money in case disaster... (Add a comment)
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