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Features of academic inflation and deflationFeatures of academic inflation and deflation by Joseph Gatt
04 September 2020
I'll start with the conclusion. The older you get in life, the less meaningful your academic credentials become. That is fancy degrees can help you in your 20s. But if you cheating your way to those degrees... (Add a comment)
Mary RenaultMary Renault by The Ovi Team
04 September 2020
September 4th; Mary Renault, critically acclaimed author of historical novels about ancient civilizations, is born. Born Mary Challans (Renault was a pen name); she was the daughter of a London physician. At age 8, she decided to be a writer. At Oxford, s (Add a comment)
Titanic wreck captured on filmTitanic wreck captured on film by The Ovi Team
04 September 2020
September 4th 1985; the first pictures of the wreck of the Titanic have been released 73 years after the liner sank with the loss of 1,500 lives. The wreck was discovered three days ago by a joint American-French expedition lead by... (1 comment)
Trump's acceptance speech at the RNC epitomized scare tacticsTrump's acceptance speech at the RNC epitomized scare tactics by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
03 September 2020
On Thursday night (August 27, 2020) President Donald Trump of the United States delivered his acceptance speech as the presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention (RNC) that was held in the White House. (Add a comment)
Take-OutTake-Out by Jan Sand
03 September 2020
"I want," He said, "When I Am dead To be most neatly kept. (Add a comment)
Free Speech Be Damned: Joshua Krook and the Australian Public ServiceFree Speech Be Damned: Joshua Krook and the Australian Public Service by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
03 September 2020
There was very little controversial about it. A featured blog post in the Oxford Political Review, authored in April by Joshua Krook, suggested that COVID-19 had brought a host of benefits for big tech companies. (Add a comment)
Law & OrderLaw & Order by Patrick McWade
03 September 2020
For the Moment a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Allied troops invade mainland ItalyAllied troops invade mainland Italy by The Ovi Team
03 September 2020
September 3rd 1943; British troops have landed on the Italian mainland four years to the day after war was declared on Germany. Their arrival in the "toe" of Italy follows two days of heavy bombardment by warships and Flying Fortresses of railways and c (Add a comment)
Malcolm GladwellMalcolm Gladwell by The Ovi Team
03 September 2020
September 3rd 1963 Malcolm Gladwell, author of such non-fiction best-sellers as "The Tipping Point," "Blink" and "Outliers," is born in Fareham, Hampshire, England. Known for taking a counterintuitive look at questions about modern life, Gladwell's (Add a comment)
Can You Re-Hatch What's Been Un-Hatched ?Can You Re-Hatch What's Been Un-Hatched ? by Leah Sellers
02 September 2020
While gathering Eggs inside the Family Chicken Coop, Cheyenne paused to hold one of the Brown Eggs up close to her right eye. Her left eye was squeezed shut. "Mommy, can you Re-Hatch what's been Un-Hatched?" (Add a comment)
Permitted Unlawfulness: The New Zealand Coronavirus LockdownPermitted Unlawfulness: The New Zealand Coronavirus Lockdown by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
02 September 2020
It is a study both troublesome and perplexing. To what end can a state trample on human rights ostensibly to preserve such objects a public health? The coronavirus lockdowns have become a feature of global politics (Add a comment)
Notes on communication theoryNotes on communication theory by Joseph Gatt
02 September 2020
Random notes on communication theory, including in business, politics, in times of conflict and for fundraising purposes. (Add a comment)
The 5th annual "Route of Truce"The 5th annual "Route of Truce" by Ovi Magazine Guest
02 September 2020
In an atmosphere of enthusiasm, emotion, cooperation, respect for the athletes and solidarity, the actions of the Federation of Olympia in Ilia for the "Route of Olympic Truce 2020" were completed on Sunday, August 30. (Add a comment)
Great FireGreat Fire by The Ovi Team
02 September 2020
September 2nd 1666, Great Fire of London begins. In the early morning hours, the Great Fire of London breaks out in the house of King Charles II's baker on Pudding Lane near London Bridge. (Add a comment)
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