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No meal is complete without familyNo meal is complete without family by Abigail George
28 March 2021
Love, how you taught me the bonds of family. And how you sometimes held me close and kissed me. (Add a comment)
The origins of life on EarthThe origins of life on Earth by Joseph Gatt
28 March 2021
Some biologists like to claim that there was an "Eve mitochondria" or an "Eve cell" that is a "mother of all cells" or the "first cell to have existed." I tend to disagree with the assessment. (Add a comment)
AntySaurus Prick 21#03AntySaurus Prick 21#03 by Thanos Kalamidas
28 March 2021
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. They call themselves the AntySaurus Prick and they are still here waiting for the comet to come! (Add a comment)
Mario Vargas LlosaMario Vargas Llosa by The Ovi Team
28 March 2021
March 28th 1928; Peruvian novelist and unsuccessful presidential candidate Mario Vargas Llosa is born. Llosa, who built his fame as a writer on works ranging from novels to plays to critical essays... (Add a comment)
The Alabama rallyThe Alabama rally by The Ovi Team
28 March 2021
March 28th 1965; Dr Martin Luther King has taken a crowd of nearly 25,000 people to the steps of the state capital of Montgomery, Alabama to highlight black grievances. The procession marks the end of... (Add a comment)
The Dawn of the DINO The Dawn of the DINO by Bohdan Yuri
27 March 2021
Yes, believe it! On the cusp of control, the Democrats have managed to develop a new variant of the political virus: "The DINO" --- Democrats In Name Only. (Add a comment)
Yuna:wikko'oYuna:wikko'o by Virginia Maria Romero
27 March 2021
Wolf song, a primal chorus that I dance to as the fullness of my heart empties into dreams that come with the sun's last breath (Add a comment)
Coming to the Playing Field: Biden Puts Australia FirstComing to the Playing Field: Biden Puts Australia First by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
27 March 2021
It has gotten tongues wagging in the diplomatic corps of Beijing, Washington and distant Canberra. The opening session of the two-day summit between China and the United States in Anchorage, Alaska was ill-tempered. (Add a comment)
Summer '21 and Greek tourism Summer '21 and Greek tourism by Thanos Kalamidas
27 March 2021
While Kyriakos 'Koulis' Mitsotakis is ready to open boarders to tourism in May less than 30% of Greek will be vaccinated before September '21 and that in a destroyed health system by a corrupted government. All in ...Greek (Add a comment)
Marlon Brando declines OscarMarlon Brando declines Oscar by The Ovi Team
27 March 2021
March 27th, on this day in 1973, the actor Marlon Brando declines the Academy Award for Best Actor for his career-reviving performance in The Godfather. The Native American actress Sacheen Littlefeather... (Add a comment)
Typhoid MaryTyphoid Mary by The Ovi Team
27 March 2021
March 27th 1915; Typhoid Mary, the first healthy carrier of disease ever identified in the United States, is put in quarantine, where she would remain for the rest of her life. (1 comment)
Bangladesh: A Short History of Its BirthBangladesh: A Short History of Its Birth by The Ovi Team
26 March 2021
It all started more or less a year ago after reading an article Dr. Habib Siddiqui had written about contemporary Bangladesh and while my motivation should have been interest, the truth is that it was embarrassment. (Add a comment)
I write poetryI write poetry by George Cassidy Payne
26 March 2021
I write poetry to perform a craft (Add a comment)
Viktor Frankl: An Inner Drive to Find a Meaning For LifeViktor Frankl: An Inner Drive to Find a Meaning For Life by Rene Wadlow
26 March 2021
Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) whose birth anniversary we mark on 26 March was a leading psychotherapist in the humanistic psychotherapy school. He was born in Vienna into a well-established Jewish family; (1 comment)
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