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Marilyn Monroe marries Joe DiMaggioMarilyn Monroe marries Joe DiMaggio by The Ovi Team
14 January 2023
January 14th 1954. It was the ultimate All-American romance: the tall, handsome hero of the country's national pastime captures the heart of the beautiful, glamorous Hollywood star. (1 comment)
Conrad returns to LondonConrad returns to London by The Ovi Team
14 January 2023
January 14th, on this day in 1894, Joseph Conrad returns to London to settle down after a long career at sea. There, he begins rewriting a story he had been working on during his travels, which becomes his first novel, Almayer's Folly. (2 comments)
World Citizens Protest Strongly Public Executions of Demonstrators in IranWorld Citizens Protest Strongly Public Executions of Demonstrators in Iran by Rene Wadlow
13 January 2023
The Association of World Citizens has repeatedly called upon governments for a moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty - a penalty that extensive research has shown has little or... (Add a comment)
Siren SongsSiren Songs by Nikos Laios
13 January 2023
On a dark velvet night I discovered the soul of this city; Pulsating beats wrapped in The rushing sounds of traffic, (Add a comment)
Power of the Female State Presidents - FinlandPower of the Female State Presidents - Finland by Ovi Magazine Guest
13 January 2023
Despite widespread worldwide initiatives, such as those focused on ending poverty and expanding access to education, the humankind continues to struggle with challenges related to education, poverty, inequality and global insecurity. (Add a comment)
Tang & Ram #54Tang & Ram #54 by Thanos Kalamidas
13 January 2023
Putting pieces together never helped Ram's brutal sarcasm to Tang. (Add a comment)
Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp by The Ovi Team
13 January 2023
January 13th 1929. Nearly 50 years after the famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Wyatt Earp dies quietly in Los Angeles at the age of 80. (Add a comment)
Writers' strikeWriters' strike by The Ovi Team
13 January 2023
January 13th 2008. Fans of the red carpet extravaganza that is the annual Golden Globe Awards presentation were disappointed in 2008, when the lavish ceremony was cancelled due to the Writers Guild of America strike that began the previous fall. (Add a comment)
Allies bomb IraqAllies bomb Iraq by The Ovi Team
13 January 2023
January 13th 1993; American, British and French fighter jets carried out a series of bombing raids over southern Iraq. The Iraqis have repeatedly breached the "no-fly zone" set up after the Gulf War... (Add a comment)
Managing Your Every Day Stresses And AnxietiesManaging Your Every Day Stresses And Anxieties by Stan Popovich
12 January 2023
Everybody deals with stress and anxiety, however the key is to know what to do when your stressed out. It is not always easy to keep your feelings from getting the best of you. (Add a comment)
What to DoWhat to Do by Bohdan Yuri
12 January 2023
What do you do If upon death, You're in a place With no time, no space. (Add a comment)
Physician Leaders Warn of Threat to Autonomy of Turkish Medical AssociationPhysician Leaders Warn of Threat to Autonomy of Turkish Medical Association by Ovi Magazine Guest
12 January 2023
The Turkish Government's harassment of the Turkish Medical Association has been strongly criticised by the World Medical Association (WMA) and the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME). (Add a comment)
Ghostin' #55Ghostin' #55 by Thanos Kalamidas
12 January 2023
They are like neighbours we are aware of except we are NOT aware of and they have absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. (Add a comment)
Jack LondonJack London by The Ovi Team
12 January 2023
January 12th 1876; On this day, Jack London, the illegitimate son of an astrologer father and a spiritualist mother, is born in San Francisco. His father abandoned the family, and Jack... (1 comment)
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