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Attica prison riotAttica prison riot by The Ovi Team
09 September 2021
September 9th 1971; A four-day riot at Attica Prison comes to a violent end as law enforcement officials open fire, killing 29 inmates and 10 hostages and injuring many more. The prison insurrection was the bloodiest in U.S. history. (Add a comment)
Chairman Mao ZedongChairman Mao Zedong by The Ovi Team
09 September 2021
September 9th 1976; the chief architect of the Chinese revolution, Chairman Mao Zedong, has died at the age of 82. His death - at 10 minutes past midnight - was announced by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party... (Add a comment)
PatternsPatterns by Jan Sand
08 September 2021
There are all sorts. One dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional, four dimensional, five dimensional and so on up. The word "dimension" means to measure and it is not only extensions in space and time that can be measured. (Add a comment)
The March of the Emperor PenguinsThe March of the Emperor Penguins by Michael Lee Johnson
08 September 2021
Emperor Penguins never set feet on land, straight up their feet on ice, tuxedo's with short feathers overlapped, waterproofed, inner down layers insulated with air. (Add a comment)
Denis de Rougemont (1906-1985), The Future is within us.Denis de Rougemont (1906-1985), The Future is within us. by Rene Wadlow
08 September 2021
Denis de Rougemont, whose birth anniversary is 8 September, was an intellectual leader among world citizens often walking on uncharted paths. A French-speaking Swiss, after his studies of literature at the University of Geneva.... (Add a comment)
International Literacy DayInternational Literacy Day by The Ovi Team
08 September 2021
The International Literacy Day was decided by the UNESCO at 7th of November in the year 1965 to celebrate it at 8th of September every year which was celebrated first time in the year 1966. (Add a comment)
Screws & Chips 21#12Screws & Chips 21#12 by Thanos Kalamidas
08 September 2021
In a galaxy far, far away, intelligence demonstrated by screws and chips, boldly gone where no robot has gone before! (Add a comment)
Siege of Leningrad beginsSiege of Leningrad begins by The Ovi Team
08 September 2021
September 8th 1941; During World War II, German forces begin their siege of Leningrad, a major industrial centre and the USSR's second-largest city. The German armies were later joined by Finnish forces that advanced... (Add a comment)
The Kamala Harris hollow visit to South-East AsiaThe Kamala Harris hollow visit to South-East Asia by Murray Hunter
07 September 2021
US Vice President Kamala Harris just completed a four-day visit to Singapore and Vietnam. The Vice President appeared to be much better prepared this time, than her trip to South America earlier this year. (Add a comment)
The Birth of the Sacred MirrorsThe Birth of the Sacred Mirrors by George Cassidy Payne
07 September 2021
Birds settle on a tree for a while and then go their separate ways again. There is no separate way apart from you. (Add a comment)
Prison Officer's SonPrison Officer's Son by Ovi Magazine Guest
07 September 2021
Before he discovered Alan Sillitoe's lonely long-distance running Borstal boy, his first encounter with a startling marriage of prose and poetry, he lived inside a Borstal compound in a row of... (Add a comment)
Sceptic feathers 21#16Sceptic feathers 21#16 by Thanos Kalamidas
07 September 2021
Cynicism with feathers on thin wires. (Add a comment)
Threatened Species DayThreatened Species Day by The Ovi Team
07 September 2021
September 7th. Threatened Species Day is a national day in Australia held each year on 7 September to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger (also known as the thylacine) at Hobart Zoo in 1936. (Add a comment)
The Blitz beginsThe Blitz begins by The Ovi Team
07 September 2021
September 7th 1940; on this day in 1940, 300 German bombers raid London, in the first of 57 consecutive nights of bombing. This bombing "blitzkrieg" (lightning war) would continue until May 1941. (Add a comment)
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