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Warsaw GhettoWarsaw Ghetto by The Ovi Team
16 May 2019
May 16th 1943; in Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising comes to an end as Nazi soldiers gain control of Warsaw's Jewish ghetto, blowing up the last remaining synagogue and beginning the mass deportation of... (Add a comment)
Marie Antoinette marries Louis XVIMarie Antoinette marries Louis XVI by The Ovi Team
16 May 2019
May 16th 1770; Marie Antoinette, at age 14, married the future King Louis XVI of France, who was 15. (Add a comment)
Maximum Pressure in the Strait of Hormuz: The US-Iran StandoffMaximum Pressure in the Strait of Hormuz: The US-Iran Standoff by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
15 May 2019
Hegemons are never going to sound too sensible when they lock horns or joust in spats of childish anger. Power corrupts, not merely in terms of perspective but language, and making sense about the next move... (Add a comment)
The PathThe Path by Nikos Laios
15 May 2019
The path Is not straight, It is long and arduous And it winds through life, (Add a comment)
11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France by Jay Gutman
15 May 2019
11 reasons for the rise of anti-Semitism in France, in no particular order (Add a comment)
Physician leaders reaffirm opposition to IAAF rulesPhysician leaders reaffirm opposition to IAAF rules by Ovi Magazine Guest
15 May 2019
The World Medical Association has reaffirmed its opposition to IAAF gender rules for classifying female athletes as 'contrary to medical ethics'. (Add a comment)
Faith 7Faith 7 by The Ovi Team
15 May 2019
On May 15, 1963, Gordon Cooper is launched into space aboard Faith 7 on the longest American space mission to that date. Faith 7 was the capstone of Project Mercury, the NASA program that put the first American into space in 1961 and the first astronaut i (Add a comment)
Christmas Island tests Christmas Island tests by The Ovi Team
15 May 2019
May 15th 1957; Britain dropped its first hydrogen bomb on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean. (Add a comment)
Why Trump Thrives on Manufactured ChaosWhy Trump Thrives on Manufactured Chaos by George Cassidy Payne
14 May 2019
Obviously, President Trump perceives himself as a leader who can thrive on chaos. But what has been overlooked is why he chooses to "lead" this way. (Add a comment)
Lowering Standards: Australian Universities, English Requirements and Student Cash CowsLowering Standards: Australian Universities, English Requirements and Student Cash Cows by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
14 May 2019
There are no protests on the streets and no effigies of university officials being burned by protesting students today. There are no protests outside the officers of the over-remunerated Vice Chancellors and their various henchpersons. (Add a comment)
Speculations on Algeria's next leadershipSpeculations on Algeria's next leadership by Jay Gutman
14 May 2019
Traditionally Algeria designates the highest-ranking army official to lead the nation (Ben Bella, Boumediene, Chadli, Boudiaf, Zeroual) or the longest-serving political official to lead the nation (Kafi, Bouteflika). (Add a comment)
Dog ToothacheDog Toothache by Paul Woods
14 May 2019
Originally from Port Macquarie, Australia, Paul Woods is a Cartoonist and Illustrator based in South London who also plays drums, works as a Cameraman and likes bad horror films. His series of cartoons is entitled "Insert Brain Here" and (Add a comment)
The Warsaw PactThe Warsaw Pact by The Ovi Team
14 May 2019
May 14th 1955; The Soviet Union and seven of its European satellites sign a treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defence organization that put the Soviets in command of the armed forces of the member states. (Add a comment)
Cameroon: Window of Opportunity for Con-federal Conflict Resolution?Cameroon: Window of Opportunity for Con-federal Conflict Resolution? by Rene Wadlow
13 May 2019
On 8 May 2019, Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, after a 3-day mission to the Cameroon, welcomed the Cameroon government's willingness to cooperate over finding workable solutions (Add a comment)
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