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Haphazard Revolutionaries Seek Leader Haphazard Revolutionaries Seek Leader by Saloni Kaul
31 March 2022
As though at the behest of some primeval thinking force, A distant sun's haze is astonishingly there agleam , Vying with these shapechanging clouds for form (Add a comment)
Aroused by Power: Why Madeleine Albright Was Not RightAroused by Power: Why Madeleine Albright Was Not Right by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
31 March 2022
When involved in war, those who feel like benefactors are bound to congratulate the gun toting initiators. If you so happen to be on the losing end, sentiments are rather different. Complicity and cause in murder come to mind. (Add a comment)
Insert Brain Here 2.0 #009Insert Brain Here 2.0 #009 by Paul Woods
31 March 2022
Paul Woods strikes back with a 2nd series of "Insert Brain Here" (Add a comment)
Poll Tax riotsPoll Tax riots by The Ovi Team
31 March 2022
31st March, 1990; the worst violence seen so far in the series of Anti Poll Tax demonstrations erupted in London during the largest rally when nearly 100,000 people take to the streets in protest at the new government levy. More than 400 were arrested and (1 comment)
Oklahoma! On BroadwayOklahoma! On Broadway by The Ovi Team
31 March 2022
March 31st 1943. The financial risk of mounting a Broadway musical is so great that few productions ever make it to the Great White Way without a period of try-outs and revisions outside of New York City. (Add a comment)
Fika bonding! #029Fika bonding! #029 by Thanos Kalamidas
31 March 2022
Fika is a state of mind and an important part of Swedish culture. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat. (Add a comment)
Troubled Ideas: A Nuremberg Tribunal for PutinTroubled Ideas: A Nuremberg Tribunal for Putin by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
30 March 2022
In a good number of Western states, the ruling classes, former and current, have lost their heads. Bugbear and boogieman Vladimir Putin's efforts in Ukraine have lent themselves to some rather extreme suggestions... (Add a comment)
Slavic JesusSlavic Jesus by Nikos Laios
30 March 2022
In older European days, They sat on the edge of oblivion Searching for their yesterdays And killing their tomorrows. (Add a comment)
Jean Giono and the Energies of the EarthJean Giono and the Energies of the Earth by Rene Wadlow
30 March 2022
Jean Giono (1895 - 1970) whose birth anniversary we mark on 30 March was one of the most original French advocates of non-violence. (Add a comment)
Work-wifeWork-wife by Patrick McWade
30 March 2022
For the Moment, a cartoon series by Patrick McWade (Add a comment)
Ronald Reagan shotRonald Reagan shot by The Ovi Team
30 March 2022
March 30th 1981; John Hinckley, Jr. shoots President Ronald Reagan outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. just after the president had addressed the Building and Construction Workers Union of the AFL-CIO. Hinckley was armed with a .22 revolver with e (Add a comment)
Sunshine On My ShouldersSunshine On My Shoulders by The Ovi Team
30 March 2022
March 30th 1974. Of his many enormous hits in the 1970s, none captured the essence of John Denver better than his first #1 song, "Sunshine On My Shoulders," which reached the top of the pop charts on this day in 1974. (Add a comment)
Always something; the family edition #030Always something; the family edition #030 by Thanos Kalamidas
30 March 2022
Mix a little childhood silliness with adult seriousness and you are always up to something; trouble most of the time! (Add a comment)
On the Road to UkraineOn the Road to Ukraine by Bohdan Yuri
29 March 2022
Everybody, especially Vladimir Putin, believed that Ukraine would fall with bent knees to their northern "brethren". Surprise! Centuries of Ukrainian history, from the first Vikings in Kyiv to the most recent test in 2014; (Add a comment)
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