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Kennedy shotKennedy shot by The Ovi Team
22 November 2021
November 22nd 1963; the President of the United States was assassinated by a gunman in Dallas, Texas. John F Kennedy was hit in the head and throat when three shots were fired at his open-topped car. (Add a comment)
Gasbagging in Glasgow: COP26 and Phasing Down CoalGasbagging in Glasgow: COP26 and Phasing Down Coal by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
21 November 2021
Words can provide sharp traps, fettering language and caging definitions. They can also speak to freedom of action and permissiveness. At COP26, that permissiveness was all the more present in the haggling ahead of what... (Add a comment)
The shapes that were crying in the rainThe shapes that were crying in the rain by Abigail George
21 November 2021
Shroud don't say anything if I changed my hair, if I spoke my thoughts, don't move an inch, a muscle. There's a knot in your throat. It is just a moment in the (Add a comment)
Advice after reviewing resumesAdvice after reviewing resumes by Joseph Gatt
21 November 2021
Advice after reviewing 1,000+ resumes, in no particular order. -Messy resumes (almost) always head straight to the trash bin. Unless you're on the team that designed a NASA spaceship, you want your resume to be clean. (Add a comment)
A fistful of cactus 21#11A fistful of cactus 21#11 by Thanos Kalamidas
21 November 2021
When a cactus becomes the sheriff then a whole lot of spines shoot around! (Add a comment)
VoltaireVoltaire by The Ovi Team
21 November 2021
November 21st; On this day in 1694, Francois-Marie Arouet, later known as Voltaire, is born in Paris to a treasury officer and his wife. (1 comment)
RockyRocky by The Ovi Team
21 November 2021
November 21st 1976, Rocky, starring Sylvester Stallone as the underdog prize-fighter Rocky Balboa, debuts in New York City. The movie, which opened in theatres across the United States on December 3, 1976, was a huge box-office hit and received 10 Academy (Add a comment)
Universal Children's DayUniversal Children's Day by Rene Wadlow
20 November 2021
The United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed 20 November as Universal Chlidren's Day, a day devoted to promoting the welfare of the children of the world. The date of 20 November was chosen as it is... (Add a comment)
A Dedication To My Great-Niece A Dedication To My Great-Niece by Nikos Laios
20 November 2021
A baby girl, Born with beauty, Adorned with nature's Noble gifts; (Add a comment)
Elite sportsmen, elite artists and anxietyElite sportsmen, elite artists and anxiety by Joseph Gatt
20 November 2021
Anxiety is part of the sport. First off, being an elite artist or sportsman is a privilege that usually comes with years of hard work and training. (Add a comment)
Fika bonding! 21#19Fika bonding! 21#19 by Thanos Kalamidas
20 November 2021
Fika is a state of mind and an important part of Swedish culture. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat. (Add a comment)
Bo Diddley makes his national television debut Bo Diddley makes his national television debut by The Ovi Team
20 November 2021
November 20th. Born Ellas Otha Bates in McComb, Mississippi, in 1928, the man better known as Bo Diddley introduced himself and his namesake beat to the world on this day in 1955 with his television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. (Add a comment)
Nuremberg trials startNuremberg trials start by The Ovi Team
20 November 2021
November 20th 1945; the International Military Tribunal for the Prosecution of Major War Criminals of the European Axis begins trying German war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, on this day in 1945. (Add a comment)
How fair is Singapore's judicial system?How fair is Singapore's judicial system? by Zulfikar Shariff
19 November 2021
The late Subhas Anandhan, one of Singapore's foremost criminal lawyers famously said that while he would defend murderers and terrorists, he would not take political cases. (Add a comment)
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