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KristallnachtKristallnacht by The Ovi Team
09 November 2022
November 9th 1938; on this day in an event that would foreshadow the Holocaust, German Nazis launch a campaign of terror against Jewish people and their homes and businesses in Germany and Austria. (Add a comment)
The Bond Vigilantes Get BusyThe Bond Vigilantes Get Busy by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
08 November 2022
While the levels of schadenfreude will be going through the roof given the unfolding farce in British politics, the resignation of Liz Truss as UK Prime Minister was troubling in one vital respect. (Add a comment)
ViscosityViscosity by Jan Sand
08 November 2022
The drip and drop of honey, of oil, Has a velocity determined by Viscosity. A kind of stickiness to control the flow Of how quickly something should go. (Add a comment)
Peter Obi could win the presidency but...Peter Obi could win the presidency but... by Ovi Magazine Guest
08 November 2022
The Yoruba says a man could have blood on his inside while he spits out white saliva: "ka fi eje sinu, ka tuto funfun sita". They are saying that man is hypocritical, that his heart is deceitful. (Add a comment)
A fistful of cactus #40A fistful of cactus #40 by Thanos Kalamidas
08 November 2022
When a cactus becomes the sheriff then a whole lot of spines shoot around! (Add a comment)
Bram StokerBram Stoker by The Ovi Team
08 November 2022
November 8th 1847; on this day, Bram Stoker, author of the horror novel "Dracula," is born in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland. Stoker's villainous, blood-sucking creation, the vampire Count Dracula, became a pop-culture icon and has been featured in hundreds (Add a comment)
Louvre opensLouvre opens by The Ovi Team
08 November 2022
November 8th 1793; after more than two centuries as a royal palace, the Louvre is opened as a public museum in Paris by the French revolutionary government. Today, the Louvre's collection is one of the richest... (Add a comment)
Malaysia: The political persecution of Tommy ThomasMalaysia: The political persecution of Tommy Thomas by Murray Hunter
07 November 2022
Caretaker prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, without any political issues to run on in the upcoming general election, has turned the former attorney general Tommy Thomas... (Add a comment)
Write downWrite down by Amir Khatib
07 November 2022
Yes, write down the legend whose author we do not know: The gravedigger woke up at dawn, as usual. (Add a comment)
4 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes4 Ways Diabetes Can Affect Your Eyes by Ovi Magazine Guest
07 November 2022
Diabetes is a condition that is caused when blood sugar levels within the body becomes too high and can affect people of all ages. (Add a comment)
Fika bonding! #47Fika bonding! #47 by Thanos Kalamidas
07 November 2022
Fika is a state of mind and an important part of Swedish culture. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat. (Add a comment)
Albert CamusAlbert Camus by The Ovi Team
07 November 2022
November 7th; on this day, Albert Camus, future Nobel Prize winner, is born in Algiers to a working-class family. (Add a comment)
Protests outforce East German rulersProtests outforce East German rulers by The Ovi Team
07 November 2022
November 7th 1989; East Germany's Communist-dominated government has resigned - the first time such an event has occurred in the country's 40-year history. The decision by the Council of Ministers to give up office leaves the... (Add a comment)
Rainbow Street - Part 5Rainbow Street - Part 5 by Richard Stanford
06 November 2022
The fifth and final chapter from Richard Stanford's novelette: "Rainbow Street" I went to see Nicholas the next day. Mrs. Schlott answered the door and said without my asking, "He's at the market." (Add a comment)
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