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In the SlumIn the Slum by Shola Balogun
20 March 2021
Deep down in the slum, There is more sacred baptism in silent doctrines. (Add a comment)
Goals vs. ProjectsGoals vs. Projects by Joseph Gatt
20 March 2021
Stephen R. Covey uses a phrase in his great book "the 7 habits of highly effective people" that you need to "begin with the end in mind." (Add a comment)
International Day of the FrancophoneInternational Day of the Francophone by The Ovi Team
20 March 2021
March 20th; half a billion Francophones around the world will celebrate International Day of Francophonie on 20 March. This event began in 1998 as a way for the then 49 members of La Francophonie to celebrate... (Add a comment)
American Beauty American Beauty by The Ovi Team
20 March 2021
March 20th, on this day in 2000, Billy Crystal hosts the 72nd annual Academy Awards ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with the film American Beauty toping the Oscars. (Add a comment)
This Side of ParadiseThis Side of Paradise by The Ovi Team
20 March 2021
March 20th 1920; "This Side of Paradise" is published, immediately launching 23-year-old F. Scott Fitzgerald to fame and fortune. (Add a comment)
Uncle Tom's CabinUncle Tom's Cabin by The Ovi Team
20 March 2021
March 20th 1852; Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin is published. Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. (Add a comment)
Sir Richard Burton: A Gnostic Bridge to Asian CultureSir Richard Burton: A Gnostic Bridge to Asian Culture by Rene Wadlow
19 March 2021
As Edward Rice stresses in his biography of Richard Burton, whose birth anniversary we mark on 19 March, "Burton's adult life was passed in a ceaseless quest for the kind of secret knowledge he labeled broadly as... (1 comment)
The PierThe Pier by Nikos Laios
19 March 2021
They dangled Their legs over The pier unaware Of the billowing Grey skies,or The cold wind (Add a comment)
Chinese and Korean students in the WestChinese and Korean students in the West by Joseph Gatt
19 March 2021
I'll attempt to give a somewhat comprehensive anthropological survey of Chinese and Korean students in Western countries like the UK, the USA, Canada or France, and of course Australia and New Zealand. (Add a comment)
Tang & Ram 21#01 #2Tang & Ram 21#01 #2 by Thanos Kalamidas
19 March 2021
A new cartoonstrip series in ...pieces with a cat. Putting pieces together never helped Ram's brutal sarcasm to Tang. (Add a comment)
DeMille's OscarDeMille's Oscar by The Ovi Team
19 March 2021
On March 19, 1953, legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille wins the only Academy Award of his career when The Greatest Show on Earth takes home an Oscar for Best Picture. The film... (Add a comment)
Goal setting, health and happinessGoal setting, health and happiness by Joseph Gatt
18 March 2021
The general idea is you want to have a big project for life and several side-projects for life. The project takes shape, evolves, encounters new realities as you enter the future. (Add a comment)
Ouch Ouch by George Cassidy Payne
18 March 2021
That's what you get for spinning around incoherently, blissed (Add a comment)
Dupenews:  Trump to run for Buckingham Palace in 2024Dupenews: Trump to run for Buckingham Palace in 2024 by Theodore K. Nasos
18 March 2021
Former President Trump in an interview late Tuesday said that he is hopeful that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, runs for the Buckingham Palace, saying her candidacy might compel him to jump into the race as well. (Add a comment)
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