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Frank Baum: The Father of the Wizard of OzFrank Baum: The Father of the Wizard of Oz by Rene Wadlow
15 May 2022
L. Frank Baum (1856 - 1916) whose birth anniversary we mark on 15 May is largely forgotten as a writer while his 1899 book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz lives on through the 1939 film with Judy Garland as Dorothy and references... (Add a comment)
Mika Toxica #025Mika Toxica #025 by Thanos Kalamidas
15 May 2022
Every office has one; male or female no difference and always toxic! (Add a comment)
Christmas Island tests Christmas Island tests by The Ovi Team
15 May 2022
May 15th 1957; Britain dropped its first hydrogen bomb on Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean. (Add a comment)
Faith 7Faith 7 by The Ovi Team
15 May 2022
On May 15, 1963, Gordon Cooper is launched into space aboard Faith 7 on the longest American space mission to that date. Faith 7 was the capstone of Project Mercury, the NASA program that put the first American into space... (Add a comment)
WHITE DOVEWHITE DOVE by David Sparenberg
14 May 2022
God is a constellation of ineffable mysteries. Among the mysteries are the two shadows of God - one interfacing with the other. (Add a comment)
Red WineRed Wine by Nikos Laios
14 May 2022
Red wine Dances on my lips, Pools on my tastebuds, It seeps into my flesh Infusing my body With warmth. (Add a comment)
HEI Schools, the early childhood education concept brought Fennia Prize Grand PrixHEI Schools, the early childhood education concept brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix by Ovi Magazine Guest
14 May 2022
Concepting the Finnish daycare centre into a product that can be exported brought Fennia Prize Grand Prix of 15,000 euros, to Helsinki International Schools. (Add a comment)
Ma-Siri & Alexa #031Ma-Siri & Alexa #031 by Thanos Kalamidas
14 May 2022
Ma-Siri is a mother and a grandmother with a mechanical companion searching for the meaning of life. (Add a comment)
The Warsaw PactThe Warsaw Pact by The Ovi Team
14 May 2022
May 14th 1955; The Soviet Union and seven of its European satellites sign a treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defence organization that put the Soviets in command of the armed forces of the member states. (Add a comment)
Renewed Violence in Darfur: An Unstable SudanRenewed Violence in Darfur: An Unstable Sudan by Rene Wadlow
13 May 2022
24 April 2022 saw renewed violence in the Darfur Provence of Sudan between Arab militias and the indigenous tribes of the area, the Masalit and the Fur. (Add a comment)
Open Eyes Laid BackOpen Eyes Laid Back by Michael Lee Johnson
13 May 2022
Open eyes, black-eyed peas, laid back busy lives, consuming our hours, (Add a comment)
Panic in Kooyong: The Threat to the Australian Liberal PartyPanic in Kooyong: The Threat to the Australian Liberal Party by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
13 May 2022
He has been seen, not always accurately, as the more moderate in an otherwise conservative Liberal Party, which has governed Australia since 2013 in an at times troubled alliance with the Nationals. (Add a comment)
Screws & Chips #031Screws & Chips #031 by Thanos Kalamidas
13 May 2022
In a galaxy far, far away, intelligence demonstrated by screws and chips, boldly gone where no robot has gone before! (Add a comment)
Pope shot in RomePope shot in Rome by The Ovi Team
13 May 2022
May 13th 1981; thousands see Pope shot in Rome. The Pope has been shot four times as he blessed the crowds in St Peter's Square in Rome. Surgeons have performed a five-hour operation and say they hope he will make a full recovery. (1 comment)
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