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A colony
on Mars

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Establishing a human colony on planet MarsEstablishing a human colony on planet Mars by Joseph Gatt
Earth is mostly oxygen and hydrogen when Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide. So, if you were to settle on Mars, that would be the equivalent of trying to breathe in a smoke-filled room. Not the cigarette-smoke filled room... (Add a comment)
Volcano LoversVolcano Lovers by Abigail George
There are so many things going through Gail's head at this point in time. By the sea, part natural, part supernatural, it spits driftwood out in the shape of a log, so much life, so much life, so much life. (Add a comment)
Brexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrationsBrexit and future of cross-Atlantic relations: Decoupling or recalibrations by Ovi Magazine Guest
Enough majority of British people simply believe, for many reasons, that for the UK it is better to get out of the European integration. The dominant attitude is that the EU isn't working. (Add a comment)
AntySaurus Prick 21#04AntySaurus Prick 21#04 by Thanos Kalamidas
Dino is a vegetarian virgin dinosaur and his best friend is Anty, a carnivorous nymphomaniac ant. They call themselves the AntySaurus Prick and they are still here waiting for the comet to come! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Bob Dylan in New York CityBob Dylan in New York City by The Ovi Team
11 April 2021
April 11th 1961; Bob Dylan got his first real chance to put those on display with his first major gig in New York City, opening for bluesman John Lee Hooker at Gerde's Folk City. (Add a comment)
Eichmann trial beginsEichmann trial begins by The Ovi Team
11 April 2021
April 11th 1961, the trial begun in Israel of the man accused of helping Hitler in his plan to exterminate the Jews. Adolf Eichmann faces 15 charges, including crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people and war crimes. (1 comment)
Nicolai Nicolai by David Sparenberg
10 April 2021
I am Nicolai. Here is my story. As much as I am prepared to tell. In Russian my name means "Gift of God." You cannot imagine the irony! (Add a comment)
SparkSpark by Jan Sand
10 April 2021
What joins wit to weight is matter In filigreed ionic fields That seine sensation from the scatter, Covet it in horny shields (Add a comment)
Hugo Grotius: The Law of StatesHugo Grotius: The Law of States by Rene Wadlow
10 April 2021
Hugo Grotius (10 April 1583 - 28 August 1645) whose birth anniversary we mark on 10 April played a crucial role in the development of the Law of States, in particular through two books written in Latin Mare Librium... (Add a comment)
Tang & Ram 21#03Tang & Ram 21#03 by Thanos Kalamidas
10 April 2021
Putting pieces together never helped Ram's brutal sarcasm to Tang. (Add a comment)
Zapata assassinatedZapata assassinated by The Ovi Team
10 April 2021
April 10th 1919; Emiliano Zapata, a leader of peasants and indigenous people during the Mexican Revolution, is ambushed and shot to death in Morelos by government forces. Born a peasant in 1879, Zapata was forced into the Mexican army... (Add a comment)
The Gift of the MagiThe Gift of the Magi by The Ovi Team
10 April 2021
April 10th 1906; O. Henry's second short story collection, The Four Million, is published. The collection includes one of his most beloved stories, The Gift of the Magi, about a poor but devoted couple... (Add a comment)
George Russell: To see things in the germ, this I call intelligenceGeorge Russell: To see things in the germ, this I call intelligence by Rene Wadlow
10 April 2021
George Russell (1867-1935) whose birth anniversary we mark on 10 April was an Irish poet, painter, mystic, and reformer of agriculture in the years 1900 to the mid-1930s. He wrote under the initials A.E. and was... (Add a comment)
Burma's Military in a Political HoleBurma's Military in a Political Hole by Rene Wadlow
09 April 2021
On Wednesday 31 March 2021, the United Nations Security Council met in a closed door session to continue its consideration of the violence in Myanmar. The participants heard a video message from the U.N.'s envoy to... (Add a comment)
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