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Sloppy Methodology: Social Media, Censorship and New York Post's Hunter Biden StorySloppy Methodology: Social Media, Censorship and New York Post's Hunter Biden Story by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
It was highly probable. Given the howls of concern that social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook nurse and nurture a bias (every choice on content entails one), a gift was made to critics to show just that. (Add a comment)
Waking With A Poem Already In My HeadWaking With A Poem Already In My Head by Neil Leadbeater
Wednesday morning, waking with a poem already in my head, I saw (Add a comment)
Doing things "the American way"Doing things "the American way" by Joseph Gatt
I've met quite a few people who claim that they do things "the American way." These people are often from "tribal" societies. That is societies where "respect" and "moderation" tends to be the norm... (Add a comment)
Berserk Alert! #196Berserk Alert! #196 by Tony Zuvela
Tony Zuvela and his view of the world around us in a constant berserk alert! (Add a comment)
The Ovi Times by Thanos Kalamidas 
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Arthur RimbaudArthur Rimbaud by The Ovi Team
20 October 2020
October 20th 1853. On this day, Arthur Rimbaud is born in Charleville, France. His father, an army officer, deserted the family when Rimbaud was six. Rimbaud was a brilliant student, and his first poem... (Add a comment)
Moammar Gadhafi's endMoammar Gadhafi's end by The Ovi Team
20 October 2020
October 20th, on this day in 2011, Moammar Gadhafi, the longest-serving leader in Africa and the Arab world, is captured and killed by rebel forces near his hometown of Sirte. (Add a comment)
Only Parents Can Stop Children's Addiction to Social MediaOnly Parents Can Stop Children's Addiction to Social Media by George Cassidy Payne
19 October 2020
After several high-stakes congressional interrogations, unflattering portrayals on film, and personnel shake-ups within his company, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg does not possess the same idealism he started with. (Add a comment)
Britannic Impunity: The UK Overseas Operations BillBritannic Impunity: The UK Overseas Operations Bill by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
19 October 2020
It was praised by Michael Clarke, former Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute, as "clear and entire laudable" - at least up to a point. The UK Overseas Operations (Service Personnel and Veterans) Bill would... (Add a comment)
Book review: Sartre's "Nausea"Book review: Sartre's "Nausea" by Joseph Gatt
19 October 2020
There are really two ways of reading Sartre. One way to read him is to read his books like it's his point of view, one that you think is correct or incorrect, but that you don't necessarily want to follow. (Add a comment)
Samaras omelet and an interviewSamaras omelet and an interview by Thanos Kalamidas
19 October 2020
The sixteenth episode of the satirical Asterixian story of the absolutely corrupted Greek Prime Mayor Koulis and his latest reshuffle, all in Greek (Add a comment)
Ethiopia aloneEthiopia alone by The Ovi Team
19 October 2020
October 19th 1935; the League of Nations votes to impose deliberately ineffectual economic sanctions against Fascist Italy for its invasion of Ethiopia. Steps that would impede the progress of the invasion... (1 comment)
The Failure Of SuccessThe Failure Of Success by Jan Sand
18 October 2020
I was inspired to think about this by the sculpture of Damien Hirst of a skull inset with an entire surface of diamonds. Hirst is a very successful and very controversial artist who does extremely well in his... (Add a comment)
Poetry of Your EyesPoetry of Your Eyes by Shola Balogun
18 October 2020
Your name is like A Shakespearean sonnet, Sweet, beautifully composed. (Add a comment)
A few additional notes on "face-saving"A few additional notes on "face-saving" by Joseph Gatt
18 October 2020
Received a few more questions on "face-saving" cultures, and here are the answers. Q: What are the differences between dating in face-saving cultures and dating in "free" cultures? (Add a comment)
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