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 JawsJaws by The Ovi Team
 World Refugee DayWorld Refugee Day by The Ovi Team
The United Nations\' (UN) World Refugee Day is observed on June 20 each year. This event honours the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and
 Queen VictoriaQueen Victoria by The Ovi Team
June 20th 1837; Queen Victoria ascended the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV. Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London, on 24 May 1819. She was the only daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, and fourth son of G
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 Dark Precedents: Matteo Salvini, the MV Tampa and RefugeesDark Precedents: Matteo Salvini, the MV Tampa and Refugees by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
 Obama, and Lost Fishin' BaitObama, and Lost Fishin' Bait by Leah Sellers
Jeb and Maybelle had their bamboo fishin’ poles and bobbin’ bobbers in the cool, deep eddies of the Comal River.“I’m gonna’ pop open a Bud, Maybelle. You want one of your Sparklin’ Waters
 Eureka: Three shades of anti-SemitismEureka: Three shades of anti-Semitism by Akli Hadid
 John F. Kennedy understood humanity's shared values John F. Kennedy understood humanity's shared values by Ovi Magazine Guest
 World Sickle Cell DayWorld Sickle Cell Day by The Ovi Team
Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a serious condition that affects people all over the world; the complications that arise from it are usually fatal. Sickle cell disease is a set of red blood cell disorders that are mostly inherited. In sickle cell
 The Civil Rights ActThe Civil Rights Act by The Ovi Team
June 19th 1964; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was approved after surviving an 83-day filibuster in the
 The fight for the new post-Brexit EU budgetThe fight for the new post-Brexit EU budget by Christos Mouzeviris
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