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 Trans-Siberian completedTrans-Siberian completed by The Ovi Team
21st July 1904; Decreed by a Czar, built by thousands of workers ove
 We Will Drive Them to the Ground!We Will Drive Them to the Ground! by Leah Sellers
The seventeen year old Texas-American Girl peered seriously at the much older German Lady she had grown to Respect and Love through exchanged Letters throughout the years, and Memories of the times Frau Eckfelder had gladly Babysat her when her
 Where Deer SleepWhere Deer Sleep by George Cassidy Payne
My three-year-old sonasked me where deer sleep.So I took him there. Steppinginto a space that is not meantfor fathers and sons, we founda ritual that has
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 Notes on Arab geography and politicsNotes on Arab geography and politics by Jay Gutman
Notes on Arab geography and politics, in no particular order. -Arab borders were mostly drawn after World War I, re-drawn after World War II, and finalized in the early 1950s. Borders did not take ethnicity, religion or oil
 Walk & talk 915Walk & talk 915 by Thanos Kalamidas
For more Walk & talk, HERE! For more
 Emile Zatopek Emile Zatopek by The Ovi Team
July 20th 1952; Emile Zatopek runs Olympic Record 10K (29:17.0). One of the greatest runners of the 20th Century, Emil Zátopek achieved legendary status when he won the 5,000, the 10,000 and the marathon at the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsin
 It's good to be home againIt's good to be home again by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
 Desert Song IIDesert Song II by Virginia Maria Romero
Desert Song IIThe wind...sweepsacross time,taking pause in grey-purpleto perform inNature\'s ancestral orchestra...
 Advice to restaurants, pubs and cafesAdvice to restaurants, pubs and cafes by Jay Gutman
When I get asked to chip in and give advice to restaurants, pubs or cafés, here\'s what I usually look at: -They say location is important, but I would say entrance is more important. You want glass doors and you want
 Berserk Alert! #158Berserk Alert! #158 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! For more O
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