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 The Woes of Climate Change StatesThe Woes of Climate Change States by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
 EagleEagle by Nikos Laios
EagleThe eagle flewOver the city On a cold night,Lights glowingBrightly below,Gliding over Glass and steel Buildings and A r
 Eureka: An air-conditioner side chat on job creationEureka: An air-conditioner side chat on job creation by Akli Hadid
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 More Berserk Alert! #306More Berserk Alert! #306 by Tony Zuvela
For more Berserk Alert! HERE! & HERE!
 Soviets collect moon rockSoviets collect moon rock by The Ovi Team
September 20th 1970; The Russian space probe, Luna 16, landed on the Moon to collec
 Magellan sails outMagellan sails out by The Ovi Team
September 20th 1519; Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Spain in an effor
 Europe should consider cooperating with Russia on Syria's rebuildingEurope should consider cooperating with Russia on Syria's rebuilding by Christos Mouzeviris
 Mariner's ReportMariner's Report by Jan Sand
Mariner\'s Report I still struggle not to sinkDown to docile death.The music of the minutesFills my spinnakerFor direction and for hope.The seas a
 Eureka: Review of Kim Suki's "without you there is no us"Eureka: Review of Kim Suki's "without you there is no us" by Akli Hadid
In 2013 Kim Suki published her North Korean memoir “without you there is no us.” A journalist undercover as a missionary teacher in North Korea, she taught English as a Foreign Language at Pyongyang University of Science and Technol
 Mean CuppaMean Cuppa by Paul Woods
  You can follow Paul Wood\'s work in instagram: In
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