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Photos of the Month
by The Ovi Team
Every month we feature a photo that sums up our mood, portrays the season or just looks fantastic. This is the Photo of the Month archive.
 Just life!Just life! by The Ovi Team

Still white life!
y Thanos Kalamidas

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 Still white life!Still white life! by The Ovi Team

Still white life!
y Thanos Kalamidas

 Still wood!Still wood! by The Ovi Team

Still wood!
y Thanos Kalamidas

 Autumn clouds Autumn clouds by The Ovi Team
Autumn clouds
By Thanos Kalamidas
 Curling waterCurling water by The Ovi Team
Curling water
By Thanos Kalamidas
 Greek summerGreek summer by The Ovi Team
Greek summer
By Giannis Mihail
 Summer SightSummer Sight by The Ovi Team
Summer Sight
By Thanos Kalamidas
 Summer WaterSummer Water by The Ovi Team
Summer Water
by Thanos Kalamidas.
 Norwegian MountainsNorwegian Mountains by The Ovi Team
Norwegian Mountains
by Thanos Kalamidas.
 Melting snowMelting snow by The Ovi Team
Melting snow
by Thanos Kalamidas.
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