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 Works by photographer Cátia Cóias
by Cátia Cóias
Cátia Cóias (29) is a Lisbon-based artist and photographer.

She attended the Fine Arts course, London Metropolitan University, and the Photography course at the Hackney College, London, as well as the Photography course at Ar.Co Lisbon (Center for Art and Visual Communication).

She has a degree in Visual and Technological Communication.

Cátia was the founder of the fanzine theredrollerball, she is a member of MEF, Movement of Photographic Expression, and maintains the blog http://ladonabionica.blogspot.com.

She has done multiple individual and collective exhibitions in galleries, museums, libraries, worked for magazines and collaborated with other artists developing innovative artistical and cultural projects. She won several awards for her works as well.
 1+1=41+1=4 by Cátia Cóias
1+1=4  or  ladonabionica.blogspot.com
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 The enemy is everywhereThe enemy is everywhere by Cátia Cóias
The enemy is everywhere. in everyone. in everything. it's war.
 Surrender?Surrender? by Cátia Cóias
 21h22, Addis Ababa21h22, Addis Ababa by Cátia Cóias
21h22, Addis Ababa:
black hole
 16h01,Tehran: s i l e n c e16h01,Tehran: s i l e n c e by Cátia Cóias
16h01,Tehran: s i l e n c e
"In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth" Gandhi
 16h17, Algiers16h17, Algiers by Cátia Cóias
16h17, Algiers:
mine is a stone garden.
 15h25, Baghdad15h25, Baghdad by Cátia Cóias
15h25, Baghdad:
(still) looking after my garden (tides, rains, thunderclaps, natural catastrophes, foxes, curious people, enemies and jealous strangers...)
 16h45, North Kabul16h45, North Kabul by Cátia Cóias
16h45, North Kabul:
Still looking after the garden.
 May God Forgive Me #1May God Forgive Me #1 by Cátia Cóias
May God Forgive Me #1
 May God Forgive Me #2May God Forgive Me #2 by Cátia Cóias
May God Forgive Me #2
 To the Fishes... *To the Fishes... * by Cátia Cóias
To the Fishes... *
(*allusion to Father Antonio Vieira's literary work Sermon of Saint Anthony to the Fishes).
 Brick by BrickBrick by Brick by Cátia Cóias
Brick by Brick
 The WidowThe Widow by Cátia Cóias
The Widow
 Male ShowerismMale Showerism by Cátia Cóias
Male Showerism
 JediJedi by Cátia Cóias
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