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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Steel BridgeSteel Bridge by Nikos Laios
The steel bridge Spanned the bay And the fog floated Slowly over the waves,
 I've discovered the meaning of lifeI've discovered the meaning of life by Abigail George
The air is sweet here, and I am filled with a sudden longing for you. It just didn't work out and you're a ghost now from novel memory. I feel the stillness
 The fallThe fall by Bohdan Yuri
The skin touches, the flesh burns; jerks from fearing singes, fragile is its thought. inclination presses on, confirmed, planted by sure reason.
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 Compare & Contrast  Compare & Contrast by Saloni Kaul
Hard and brittle, rigid and unyielding as cast iron,
 BelowBelow by Jan Sand
The surface of the sea Chipped into hollows by the wind Waves whitecaps back at me.
 Richest Man In The WorldRichest Man In The World by Nikos Laios
I sat in The darkness And looked out Through a window At the green paddocks
 MotherMother by Abigail George
They all had this other life I knew nothing about. This distant family in name only on my father's side. And so I go beyond good
 Let it rainLet it rain by Ovi Magazine Guest
Let it rain, to unplug scarcity, Introduce the best service in town
 DemiseDemise by Jan Sand
It is quite conventional And not at all contentional To rage against the age when we decay.
 On Your Own Independently!On Your Own Independently! by Saloni Kaul
Paper clips are not made of plain paper, Hairpins not thin and woven spun fine as hair; Lampshades themselves no light sport, but glow taper,
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