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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Apprehension Apprehension by Jan Sand
I do not argue with the wind And rain may wet me if it must. Random events leave me chagrined. There's not much more to be discussed.
 Concrete Jungle Concrete Jungle by Nikos Laios
The neighbour next door was beating A worn red coloured Persian rug With a tennis racket at the back Of his unit and clouds of dust Rose up into the air.
 Heaven is My Horse Fly (V2)Heaven is My Horse Fly (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
A common horse fly peripatetic traveler vacationing in my world into my bathroom,
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 Once upon a timeOnce upon a time by Abigail George
I've been living underground like graffiti, the grunge scene, gravity and volcanic rock for the longest time. I've been many things in my life.
 The Dream, AgainThe Dream, Again by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Oona was in it, as she is in all the ones I remember. Why I was lying on the ground in front of the house, hiding my face In that gigantic cushion mom and I used to use when we watched the old roundscreen Zenith T.V., I'll never know.
 Ruminating in Bass StraitRuminating in Bass Strait by Ovi Magazine Guest
A different beach hedonism decorates these days. Early fog burned off, wetsuited kite-surfers ski waves, deftly dodging tinnies, rocks, and bathers. A canopy eclipses the sun, a looming prehistoric bird above my shadowed nape, this familiar waterline.
 Dismissed by tomorrowDismissed by tomorrow by Katerina Charisi
I scrape the dreams I chased with my own blood I banish the lies with the carmine drops My eyes follow the sky and I run; I run as fast as I can to catch the horizon.
 WitnessWitness by Nikos Laios
The plastic bag Gently swirled In the breeze Floating upwards
 EvaluationEvaluation by Jan Sand
From sperm and egg, two points of view, We joined in enterprise, Proliferating from those two To macroscopic size.
 Opening Pandora's Box in your thirtiesOpening Pandora's Box in your thirties by Abigail George
There's a loss to the windswept day. The waves beautiful but I do not want to go into the water.
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