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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Funny WordsFunny Words by G. David Schwartz
Funny words did come From this mouth of mine
 Slow Serenade Slow Serenade by Nikos Laios
The curtains Gently billowed Through the open Window like a Slow serenade.
 Tears for themTears for them by Gordana Mudri
Tonight I could cry the ocean of tears. I could cry for every girl drowned in her fears, for every guy wrapped in his dark shadows. I could cry for their beautiful sad souls, wounded by this cruel world.
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 The path of a womanThe path of a woman by Abigail George
No anchor for this paper tiger empress. No age of iron for this literary orphan.
 Waxen WingsWaxen Wings by Nikos Laios
We flew close To the Sun On waxen wings And flaxen strings.
 The Bee Hive's Wiggle-Waggle DanceThe Bee Hive's Wiggle-Waggle Dance by Leah Sellers
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Says the Busy Scout Bee A-Wiggle and a-Waggle Grab a-hold of me
 Ballad of a SoldierBallad of a Soldier by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
It is a simple sentimental story, but it leads to something in the end.
 The Eternal SymphonyThe Eternal Symphony by Nikos Laios
I am the river, you are the sea, I am the mountain, you are the breeze, I am the stars, and you are the sky.
 The Dream of an Implosive Conversion of a Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior's Violent PerversionsThe Dream of an Implosive Conversion of a Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior's Violent Perversions by Leah Sellers
The Big Bang-Suicide Bomber-Warrior Bowed and fervently Prayed to his/her God Oh, Lord of All !
 Jewels on deep blue seasJewels on deep blue seas by Bohdan Yuri
strings of pearls on deep blue seas that do appear in daylight dreams, reveal wild islands basking in the sun, moving mysteries into forevermore.
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