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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 SaturnSaturn by Abigail George
Someday (seaward) bone-thin daughters (their flesh a prize) will turn (the rural school of
 You remind me of a Bollywood movie starYou remind me of a Bollywood movie star by Abigail George
I long for diary entries. To find you there As if you never
 RequiescatRequiescat by Jan Sand
There will come a day long years from now When the sandy desert wind will whistle to itself. No footprints dotting lines across the dunes.
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 They Heard Them SingThey Heard Them Sing by Nikos Laios
They fell among The cedars and pines Tumbling,rolling rushing Gurgling among green ferns
 Selfish placeSelfish place by Katerina Charisi
One's self is a selfish place. Each time you are around, there's no space for me on the couch.
 The Stars and the MoonThe Stars and the Moon by Nikos Laios
The black crows Clung to the gilded Clouds,the light Streaming through To the earth.
 WaterWater by Abigail George
Water threaded us together for a brief moment in time. In the swimming pool, at my uncle's house. I thought it would always be like this. I also thought I would be young forever. Youth is always lovely but now I'm old. Nearing forty
 The Revenge of Hephaistos The Revenge of Hephaistos by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Homer tells the story while telling of it: How the God of War and the Goddess of Love dared To break the lock of propriety, join blood to desire, Careless of consequence, or the eyes of others' envy.
 RefugeRefuge by Jan Sand
There is in dreams a magic transformation So that fear appears as watching doors, A clutching claw a hair behind your frantic run, Frozen feet that push through viscous air,
 You must be very tiredYou must be very tired by Abigail George
He sleeps the sleep of an addict). He sleeps the sleep of an addict). He sleeps the sleep of an addict).
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