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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Life SpansLife Spans by Bohdan Yuri
Every day someone's born, Everyday someone dies,
 CarouselCarousel by Jan Sand
The world is whirled in Space And hurled in moving 'round the place Which centers on the Sun.
 Finding the back way inFinding the back way in by David Barger
An awkward moment arises As all eyes stare intently At the man with a broad smile.
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 While watching the first snowWhile watching the first snow by Abigail George
What Rainer Rilke taught me. What Sarah Manguso taught me. What Hemingway taught me.
 Essaying Expression DailyEssaying Expression Daily by Saloni Kaul
How would you like to think out one beautiful day That in its many minuscule divisions Plays out a myriad fable themes in grand array, Colourful in display as they take on revisions .
 Pipe DreamsPipe Dreams by Bohdan Yuri
Light a pipe dream a life
 CedarCedar by David Sparenberg
In yellow-green mist lone cedar stands as cedar has been in sun and fog.
 ShadowShadow by Nikos Laios
You left the world But your shadow remains, The imprint that your soul Made on this world remains.
 Bug BluesBug Blues by Jan Sand
I happened on an arthropod, A jointed legged fellow, Who sang a tragic little song Which ranged from shriek to bellow.
 SmileSmile by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Smile at me, baby. Show those teeth of yours. I love those teeth, so beautiful, so regular. When you flash them at me I feel so loved.
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