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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Dr. SeussDr. Seuss by Jan Sand
One need not be a child to be beguiled By Dr. Seuss who sets loose the obtuse, The mild or outrageous wild
 Contemplating the world Contemplating the world by Nikos Laios
Sunday, Six am and dogs Were barking outside, And the birds started Chirping and the sun
 Young Couple - @ Heart Attack Greasy GrillYoung Couple - @ Heart Attack Greasy Grill by Michael Lee Johnson
I was a little boy, tad hillbilly son, patterned then in present tense, hardly old enough tall enough to work
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 Love And WritingLove And Writing by Jan Sand
Your writing would mostly get better If you would learn to forget her. For the world that you see
 Trapped in the Net, Wanting to BreachTrapped in the Net, Wanting to Breach by George Cassidy Payne
Built to withstand pressure that would crush a Volkswagen,
 Sensations of SummerSensations of Summer by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
The wind in the shade The damp of the cellars Those mornings of the summer
 Jungle Jungle by Nikos Laios
The rain fell From the grey sky And soaked the Cold streets, Trickling down
 South Chicago Night South Chicago Night by Michael Lee Johnson
Night is drifters, sugar rats, street walkers, pickpockets, pimps, insects, Lake Michigan perch,
 Start The DayStart The Day by Jan Sand
These thoughts that creep from night To swindle force and smother desire Handcuff the clock to coffee
 SunflowersSunflowers by Neil Leadbeater
Russian Giants were our favourites - they could top ten feet with flowers to match and a big broad smile that was designed to catch undivided attention.
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