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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 The City Sleeps TonightThe City Sleeps Tonight by Nikos Laios
The night air is cool, And the world sleeps, And a lonely jogger Pounds the pavements
 My little Indian friendMy little Indian friend by David Barger
Sonya, Sweet Sonya, Hair of blackest coal. I remember well your smile Beckoning with straw; Like a stuffed doll Whose beauty never leaves.
 The most beautiful thing I can make is this haikuThe most beautiful thing I can make is this haiku by Abigail George
Air. Heir can't be cured - I'm bee farmer caught stealing. Hospitality.
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 BalanceBalance by Jan Sand
The sway of come what may That swings the sense of everything To convey the fundamental verticality
 Arcanum Arcanum by Saloni Kaul
In those high-flown attempts eternal flat To gain harmonious constants consistently You level up all equability
 Jewels on deep blue seasJewels on deep blue seas by Bohdan Yuri
strings of pearls on deep blue seas that do appear in daylight dreams, reveal wild islands basking in the sun, moving mysteries into forevermore.
 Among The StarsAmong The Stars by Nikos Laios
My lips Find joy In yours, My soul Connected With your soul
 Water passing from fragile life into skyWater passing from fragile life into sky by Abigail George
Water threaded us together for a brief moment in time. In the swimming pool, at my uncle's house. I thought it would always be like this. I loved you like a beautiful child,
 SustainSustain by Jan Sand
Anyone who has lived a while, Accumulated times that should not have been, Suffers, not from misdirections, not from what was, But from what was not, but Never could have been.
 StarvingStarving by Bohdan Yuri
Flowing silk saris Surround painted faces, Baubles and bangles Still hang from the past.
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