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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Monuments of Seven BoatsMonuments of Seven Boats by Moustafa Al Yassin
I would as soon write free verse as play tennis with the net down. - Robert Frost, 1935
 DesperationDesperation by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Thrown up by the earth, and violently. Long journey down again to earth, slow and slowly. It's a long ride, and seldom fun.
 The ConceitThe Conceit by Jan Sand
Beneath all sense and sensation Where the secret gears revolve, Where the snap and slap of molecules
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 Analysandly blindAnalysandly blind by David Barger
Roger dodger Came the call. The lunatics have escaped! They hide within The closing walls.
 Results all speak for themselves Results all speak for themselves by Saloni Kaul
Each permanent aspect lovingly shaped, Each linear detail painstakingly cast , Results then speak directly for themselves Like ties that in perpetual time enduring last.
 Translations from the Cinema - Ballad of a SoldierTranslations from the Cinema - Ballad of a Soldier by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
The boy is young, but with his country invaded, he is first of all a soldier. He performs such an unexpected heroism that he is given leave to visit his home. He has ten days. There are chaotic conditions, there are many adventures, many diversions, M
 Jerusalem after its fallJerusalem after its fall by Abigail George
This maternal arrangement is so unexpected. The feeling of these passing habits. These dry leaves in autumn. A departure from the smoke found in truth and miracles. Stones inherited this
 Dying Light Dying Light by Nikos Laios
I swam in the ocean at sunset, I played blues on my guitar, I barbecued spare ribs on an open fire,
 Blueprint & The Stars AllBlueprint & The Stars All by Saloni Kaul
He was deft, dramatic and determined. His aim was the perfect drive Moulding physique and stamina,
 A Sleep OverA Sleep Over by Ovi Magazine Guest
With a smile on his face And brown paper bag He knocked on our door With everything he had
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