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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 All Sensations All Sensations by Ovi Magazine Guest
So well and true we hear all that pervades our ears, Aural perceptions keen accept music's subtle dictates Sans questions, unconditionally, as o'er the years All children have trusted the tellings of adults as mates.
 The Might of Trumpian-Bannonite SpiteThe Might of Trumpian-Bannonite Spite by Leah Sellers
Oh, ye Little Small-Minded, Mean-Spirited Man With the small, very small Needy, greedy, Pussy-cat grabbing hands
 TendernessTenderness by Abigail George
I forgive Ambronese (for the hurtful things that were said) And I forgive Rooka. The love they never gave me. I went through years of darkness.
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 Memory of the WorldMemory of the World by Nikos Laios
The orange sky Melted through The clouds Dancing on The moist earth Seeping deep into The bowels of The world.
 Photos of an early lovePhotos of an early love by Ovi Magazine Guest
At thirteen I bought my first camera with cash saved from tips hustled hefting bulging suitcases train to bus station for city holiday-makers at our end-of-the-line boring bayside town. All summer waiting for trains I composed pictures.
 Wash away my sinsWash away my sins by Abigail George
It started to rain and I wondered where you where, Atom.
 Tender HeartsTender Hearts by Nikos Laios
Tender hearts grow In the profound beauty Of this day, walking between the raindrops And the light shinning through the trees And the flowers dipped in crimson Swaying in the breeze.
 Screechscape Screechscape by Ovi Magazine Guest
The car screeched to a halt to halt the screech ! Ensuing argument between two pedestrians, he said.
 Coffee CupsCoffee Cups by Nikos Laios
His thoughts were Held in coffee cups, in hazy visions floating Out through the window And the flapping blinds.
 Lapsang LapsesLapsang Lapses by Ovi Magazine Guest
The quiet hour before the city wakes, brewing tea, fussing routinely, I notice my caddy near-empty. A memory surge retrieves the past as scenes, a time of acting badly, of damage, and tea.
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