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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Yuna:wikko'oYuna:wikko'o by Virginia Maria Romero
Wolf song, a primal chorus that I dance to as the fullness of my heart empties into dreams that come with the sun's last breath
 Teaching MySelf to Walk AgainTeaching MySelf to Walk Again by Leah Sellers
I have always Loved Watching Toddlers The way they pull ThemSelves up from the Ground Usually finding SomeThing Solid to Hang Onto As they hoist ThemSelves to their Feet
 Moon's waltzMoon's waltz by Katerina Charisi
There you are The night unfolds and changes; Pale in its paleness Like the smile on your full moon face.
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 MelancholyMelancholy by Dr. Lawrence Nannery
Slowly you come on, slowly you press down. Seeping and soothing, but darkening my dreams. Soon my futures are all dun.
 Beneath dark cloudsBeneath dark clouds by David Barger
The sky is behind dark clouds, And the moon Still pulls away somehow Lighting the night In a shade of different blue.
 ErosionErosion by Gordana Mudri
Once, when the rustle of leaves on the dried branches of my forest dies and when the traces of beasts hidden in my vastness disappear
 What Is Written in the Dark by WarWhat Is Written in the Dark by War by Uzeyir Lokman Cayci
You can no longer warm your cold hands, nor offer them in friendship. You have time to look back only once to see the life of your friendship with the flowers, the pleasure you take in love, the light ignited in your heart of hearts.
 HumanHuman by Nikos Laios
I should like to draw The curtains and imagine The clouds scrolling across the sky And playing on the earth Like shadow theatre.
 SunflowersSunflowers by Neil Leadbeater
Russian Giants were our favourites - they could top ten feet with flowers to match and a big broad smile that was designed to catch undivided attention.
 Alberta Bound (V3)Alberta Bound (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
I own a gate to this prairie that ends facing the Rocky Mountains.
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