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Poetry There are a number of poets among the Ovi team, so we have gathered the together here.

 Whispers from the GraveWhispers from the Grave by Michael Lee Johnson
What happened to 20 acres of farmland tilted toward sun angles, those sharp stone edges cool fall comes frost fields covered taking ownership of rented, abused, abandoned land− 10 years Phil has been gone, DeKalb, Illinois farmer.
 LostLost by Nikos Laios
The wind Gently blew The flowers Out to sea And I was Lost.
 Are You Still Daddy's Little Girl?Are You Still Daddy's Little Girl? by Leah Sellers
Are you still Daddy's Little Girl ? He asked in his Smiley Voice His Sugar and Spice I wanna' Be Nice Voice
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There is anxiety there is anguish there are shadows and fear
 Untitled poem (for Mikale)Untitled poem (for Mikale) by Abigail George
If you were mine to hold and cherish, I would want you to teach me about the world of love.
 Joy's RiddleJoy's Riddle by Ovi Magazine Guest
Take me to the feast of a thousand shooting stars Lie above all wisps, waves of green diamonds Teach me the tones that the tiny tone tune to foster Sing about fine lilies, funny golds and funky diamonds
 Crying For A VisionCrying For A Vision by David Sparenberg
Betweem Earth & Sky I am crying. Between Earth
 For every woman, hard at work at being a 'Marilyn Monroe'For every woman, hard at work at being a 'Marilyn Monroe' by Abigail George
She came to me in a dream. This is what she said in so many words. 'My life so far has been a dream'. She loved music. It was September. Her face was the face of love.
 That Brilliant YellowThat Brilliant Yellow by Leah Sellers
That Brilliant Yellow When I hold this SunFlower Into the Blue Sky Toward its Namesake
 The Mad WorldThe Mad World by Ovi Magazine Guest
Elegant in form and creation Yet repugnant in its delight Needed more in concepts It knows nothing about Yet so full of arrogance Indeed! Arrogance in ignorance Quirk enrages, the world is mad!
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