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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 Queen-Brexit is nakedQueen-Brexit is naked by Thanos Kalamidas
Back in June 2016 and a few days after the Brexit referendum, with everybody still trying to understand what really happened, I wrote an article, mostly trying to persuade myself that this is it...
 The Jerusalem Tangle: ScoMo's Recognition Policy StumblesThe Jerusalem Tangle: ScoMo's Recognition Policy Stumbles by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Jerusalem, deemed a holy city, and seen as trade item, bargaining chip and bartering tool over the centuries. Sought by the major faiths, despoiled at stages by various empires...
 The Disgruntled Former Prime MinisterThe Disgruntled Former Prime Minister by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The disgruntled former prime minister is a rather large, and growing club, on the Australian scene. The country has become known for its killing seasons, those occasions when...
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 Convenient Demonologies: Stopping Migrant CaravansConvenient Demonologies: Stopping Migrant Caravans by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
President Donald J. Trump has been engaged with berating human caravans, a spectacle that might have been odd in another era. At first instance, it all seems fundamentally anachronistic, a sort of history in reverse.
 Bread-Education-FreedomBread-Education-Freedom by Thanos Kalamidas
A commemoration for the victims and ideals of the Polytechnic uprising in Athens against the fascist dictatorship in 1973, all in ...Greek
 Donetsk-Luhansk-Ukraine-Russia: Another Round in a Frozen But Deadly StruggleDonetsk-Luhansk-Ukraine-Russia: Another Round in a Frozen But Deadly Struggle by Rene Wadlow
On 11 November while the French President Emmanuel Macron was warning the assembled heads-of-government in Paris on the dangers of the narrow nationalism which had led to the 1914-1918 war...
 Concepts of Nonsense: Australian Soft PowerConcepts of Nonsense: Australian Soft Power by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Soft power was always a term best suited for eunuchs. It relies on persuasion, counsel and an air of seduction. It does not imply actual force as such (often, that side of the bargain is hidden).
 Trump's Old Deal Trump's Old Deal by Thanos Kalamidas
In 1933, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted a series of reforms, mainly financial, in respond to an America coming out of the Great Depression and social polarization.
 Politicised Victimhood: Ukraine's Holodomor, Genocide and IntentPoliticised Victimhood: Ukraine's Holodomor, Genocide and Intent by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The impression hits you immediately. An opening of an exhibition held to commemorate survivors and families of one of the darker atrocities of human experiments;
 Remembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations ForgotRemembering the Peace Makers: What the Armistice Commemorations Forgot by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Those in the war industry and the business of commemorating the dead have little time for peace, even as they supposedly celebrate it.
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