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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 Why I care what happens to the children in YemenWhy I care what happens to the children in Yemen by Ovi Magazine Guest
For nearly six years I lived next to a family from Yemen. Today it is impossible for me to see people from that country as the nameless victims shown on TV.
 Football, Refugee Rights and Hakeem al-AraibiFootball, Refugee Rights and Hakeem al-Araibi by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
"Al-Araibi's case has become a crucial test of world football's commitment to human rights." So observed the director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights at Monash University, Sarah Joseph, in a piece last month.
 Unity and Exceptionalism: Trump's State of Union FlurriesUnity and Exceptionalism: Trump's State of Union Flurries by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
"Trump is hated by everyone," comes one unnamed former official in an account to Vanity Fair, one supposedly sourced after the President's State of the Union Address.
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 Ralph Northam & closet racismRalph Northam & closet racism by Thanos Kalamidas
The fact that a first-line democratic official, elected thanks to the African American community as the governor of Florida, Gov. Ralph Northam, doesn't show deep regrets for past mistakes and he repeats them...
 Meeting in Moscow: The Taliban Meets the Afghan OppositionMeeting in Moscow: The Taliban Meets the Afghan Opposition by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
It had the semblance of a play lacking key actors. They were deemed the difficult ones, and a decision was made to go through with the performance.
 Reprisals on Human Rights Defenders: Need for NGO ActionReprisals on Human Rights Defenders: Need for NGO Action by Rene Wadlow
On 23 January 2019, the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in a statement listed States which had carried out reprisals or intimidation including killings, torture, and arbitrary arrests against individuals...
 Why politics are so divisiveWhy politics are so divisive by Jay Gutman
10 reasons politics are so divisive (in every democracy)
 Ed Averill's When Push Comes to Shove MomentEd Averill's When Push Comes to Shove Moment by Leah Sellers
Investigator Alvarez looked earnestly over his paper coffee cup at the Young Journalist across the table from him and said, "Yep, I remember Ed Averill...
 Alma May's Hidden Bruising of the ConfederacyAlma May's Hidden Bruising of the Confederacy by Leah Sellers
"Alright, Alma May, 'fess up. What has got you all upset, girl? Come on, spill the beans, and let's get on with the rest of our shopping spree."
 When Brexit became the Holly Grail, trouble startedWhen Brexit became the Holly Grail, trouble started by Thanos Kalamidas
According to a few UK Sunday newspapers, British officials have revived cold war emergency plans to relocate the royal family should there be riots in London if Britain suffers a disruptive departure from the European Union.
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