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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 Trump's Military Industrial ComplexTrump's Military Industrial Complex by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Humming along the road of American empire to its state of noisy exception, US President Donald J. Trump has promised more money and fuel for a military industrial complex he considers starved and depleted. (As it is, the entire complex remains unbecomingl
 Do We still have Three Branches of Government in America?Do We still have Three Branches of Government in America? by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
When I was in college in the 60s I took a required course in American Government. It had chapters on Federalism, the Constitution, Checks and Balances, the Three Equal Branches of Government, the demarcation, separation and balancing of power.
 Xi Jinping, Citizen of the World, and the Making of a Global PolicyXi Jinping, Citizen of the World, and the Making of a Global Policy by Rene Wadlow
A recent issue of Newsweek hailed the President of China Xi Jinping as a citizen of the world and highlighted his 17 January 2017 speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as setting forth a new global policy. At a time when the President
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 Trump's First Address to Congress and the 900 Pound Bear in the HallTrump's First Address to Congress and the 900 Pound Bear in the Hall by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
President Trump's first address to Congress lasted about an hour. He must have uttered some 5000 words, but not even one of those words was Russia. Not one minute was devoted to the successful enterprise of one of the main adversaries of democracy and st
 The Reality Show Comes to Congress: Trump's Joint AddressThe Reality Show Comes to Congress: Trump's Joint Address by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Let us tear through these Trumpland evocations, the business pitches of this show and publicity act that was the first address by the President to a joint sitting of the US Congress. There were the common themes; there were the contradictory messages; and
 Michael FootMichael Foot by The Ovi Team
Michael Foot, a bookish intellectual and anti-nuclear campaigner who led Britain's Labour Party to a disastrous defeat in 1983, died Wednesday March 3rd 2010 in the morning, age 96. Foot died peacefully at his home in north London following a long illnes
 One Nation TrainOne Nation Train by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The global populist fever is catching. Put the nation first before all else, patria before sense. Make America Great Again. One Nation before any other. Australia has been a fairly non-responsive patient to that effect, keeping its symptoms to the rural
 Is America heading towards fascism? Is America heading towards fascism? by Dr. Habib Siddiqui
Recently I was shaken to learn that the son of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was detained for hours by immigration officials at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida on Feb. 7 after returning from speaking at a Black History Month even
 Why the Flynn-Russia affair is not going away any time soonWhy the Flynn-Russia affair is not going away any time soon by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
We still hear die-hard protestations of "fake news!" by assorted politicians (including President Trump, of course), journalists, and political pundits on the Flynn-Russia affair. They seem to have that denial ready-made for anything they don't particu
 The Extradition Saga of Kim DotcomThe Extradition Saga of Kim Dotcom by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The hunger with which US officials pursue copyright or general intellectual property violations is insatiably manic. The degree of that hunger is expressed by the now suspended, and most likely defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership, an attempt to further glob
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