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Politics Contemporary politics, world finance, business and global commentaries appear in the main Ovi section.

 A CURE for the PLAGUEA CURE for the PLAGUE by David Sparenberg
If good people do not stand together for goodness sake, a day will come when good people will disappear. If decent people do not stand to practice and protect decency, a day will come when decency will not be found.
 Defanging the Predators: Oxfam's WoesDefanging the Predators: Oxfam's Woes by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
First came the abuses. Then, the allegations. Then, the tardy response, with lacings of apologia. The UK Charity Commission could not have been harsher about the conduct of Oxfam, which is a charity fallen most foul.
 Are Republicans Happier Than Democrats Because They Have Fewer Choices?Are Republicans Happier Than Democrats Because They Have Fewer Choices? by George Cassidy Payne
Have you ever stopped in the middle of the cereal aisle and stared blankly at the hundreds of brands to choose from?
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 The Danish Elections: Social Democracy with an Inhumane FaceThe Danish Elections: Social Democracy with an Inhumane Face by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
The great centrist European tradition of social democracy has been receiving a rattle for the last few decades. The European Parliament elections were a reminder how much their appeal has diminished.
 Malaysia - Yet another crisis looming?Malaysia - Yet another crisis looming? by Murray Hunter
Love him or hate him, Mahathir Mohamed during his first stint as prime minister was able to instill a great sense of national pride and unity.
 Anxiety levels and international relations Anxiety levels and international relations by Jay Gutman
When you have military power and alliances you have low anxiety levels, meaning free societies. When you have low military power but good alliances you have moderate anxiety levels, which lead to tribal societies.
 The war on whistle-blowersThe war on whistle-blowers by Murray Hunter
If the 20th Century was the age of the victory of democracy and freedom over tyranny, the 21st century is showing up to be the era where our rights are slowly being taken away.
 Cleansing the Platforms: YouTube, Censorship and GrievanceCleansing the Platforms: YouTube, Censorship and Grievance by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Stripping the altars, burning the heretics and cleansing the stables are the usual fare of a morally crazed order.
 Warring Against Sources: The Australian National Security State, Journalism and the Public InterestWarring Against Sources: The Australian National Security State, Journalism and the Public Interest by Dr. Binoy Kampmark
These are dark times for journalists and publishers. It did not seem coincidental that Annika Smethurst, a News Corp journalist and political affairs editor, would be a target of an Australian
 Zionism and Israeli electionsZionism and Israeli elections by Jay Gutman
Israel was always a consensus. The consensus was, and these are my words "a State where cultural and religious Jews live in harmony."
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