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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Tips for a better personal Facebook accountTips for a better personal Facebook account by Jay Gutman
The analogy I often use is your Facebook profile is like your virtual home. When you invite someone to your real home, you don't want them to see shoes all over the place and socks all over the place and laundry all over...
 Cousins Casually Repeating the Repetitive Rhymes of HistoryCousins Casually Repeating the Repetitive Rhymes of History by Leah Sellers
"A Penny for your thoughts," Linda Lou said to her Cousin, Janet Lee. "A Penny? In this day and time of over Inflated Inflations?" Janet Lee laughed.
 Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for April 2019Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for April 2019 by Manish Kumar Arora
Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for April 2019
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 Living with an IQ of 220Living with an IQ of 220 by Jay Gutman
Last time I took the IQ test was in 2006. I remember scoring 110, which is just above average. I had taken the test several times and scored 110 each time, scoring 120 once.
 In a World of RedactionsIn a World of Redactions by Leah Sellers
"Hey Ralph! Are you ready to get a Re-Education in History?" Fred asked haughtily.
 Dupenews: May plead Easter Bunny to postpone EasterDupenews: May plead Easter Bunny to postpone Easter by Theodore K. Nasos
In an extraordinary move but not surprising one in the era of Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May pleads Easter Bunny to postpone Easter and if possible cancel Easter egg hunting.
 Mourning by Gordana Mudri
Who will stop this madness? While hatred hits into the walls and fear crawls through the streets, bloody rain waters the earth. Through the shadows of deserted streets, quick steps perishing. The laughter dies in the arms of the fallen lovers. And no one
 Albert Einstein: Remember Your Humanity and Forget the Rest by Rene Wadlow
14 March is the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein, born in Ulm, south Germany, in 1879 and died in Princeton, New Jersey in 1955. I was a student at Princeton University from 1953 to 1956, and as I liked to walk in the late afternoon, I would cross Alb
 Sending S.O.S. by Katerina Charisi
"Hello sir, we are from the TV show..." "TV show? What TV show? Real TV show?"
 A Fairy TaleA Fairy Tale by David Sparenberg
There is a stone tower. The tower sits upon a cliff facing toward the constant sea. The musical ebb and flow of ocean water resounds through the tower chambers.
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