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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Eureka: Alternatives to Capitalism and CommunismEureka: Alternatives to Capitalism and Communism by Akli Hadid
One of the main questions political scientists and economists have been pondering is whether there are alternatives to two widely used economic systems: Capitalism and Communism.
 The King of Hypocrisies and Greedy Dis-easesThe King of Hypocrisies and Greedy Dis-eases by Leah Sellers
Thump! Thump! Thumpty! Harrumphty! I am the prominent Dominant! I am the pin-headed, green-backed King of Jungle through which I trip, thrash and blingle, bangle Bungle!
 Short Philosophical ThoughtsShort Philosophical Thoughts by G. David Schwartz
We were sitting on a bench at the park and saw a large bird fly out of sight. I stated chuckling because I could still see it with my blue eye, my good eye. So I just put in a thought to think and that thought became a bird to fly. Imagine that? A bird
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 NotesNotes by Abigail George
'What does that mean exactly, asking me how I am? Fine. Fine. I am always fine, and you? I ask you all the time how are you and you always say you're fine.' Silence seemed to creep around the edges of our telephone conversation. Inside my heart,
 Horse made of glass - Part 3Horse made of glass - Part 3 by Katerina Charisi
The house finally fell in silence and she paced around the small kitchen, opening the fridge's door and the cabinet's door, taking everything out again and counting, trying to think of something nice to cook for the next day. Something nice. Like taking
 Apparatus Of The Nation StateApparatus Of The Nation State by David Sparenberg
Men are capable of sacrificing their entire lives to an ideology. And far too often, sacrificing the lives of others. What is an ideology? It is a wall. It keeps out and it keeps in. And the wall must be powerful and massive enough to hide behind.
 Go Forth, and Let Us Prey!Go Forth, and Let Us Prey! by Leah Sellers
Yes, Brothers and Sisters, my God, and therefore your God, is a God of Vengence and Protection. Protective Vengence! Halleluiah! So, Arm yourselves!
 Eureka : Korean peninsula: holding responsible talksEureka : Korean peninsula: holding responsible talks by Akli Hadid
Here are 10 things you need to know about the structure of Korean affairs and how that can affect peace talks on the Korean peninsula.
 Eureka: Conflict in Israel - dangers of shallow thinkingEureka: Conflict in Israel - dangers of shallow thinking by Akli Hadid
Even at the highest levels, the conflict in Israel tends to be confined to stereotypes and shallow thinking, including in terms of what the Palestinians want and what the Israelis want, how the conflict could be resolved and what the essence of the confli
 Horse made of glass - Part 2Horse made of glass - Part 2 by Katerina Charisi
She put everything back in the cabinet and looked at the half-filled upper shelf. "It should be always full", she murmured. "So many shelves and all empty. Mountains around and green land and all empty. Four mouths to feed."
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