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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 The Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild TurkeyThe Land of Babel and a Herd of Wild Turkey by Leah Sellers
"Yep, Jeb, I surely do enjoy teachin' the Sunday School class they handed me," Harvey announced, as he and his old friend Jeb trammeled and crunched their way through the Autumn Woods in search of Wild Game.
 Eureka: A unified theory of communicationEureka: A unified theory of communication by Akli Hadid
Briefly, the main characteristics of communication that I have identified
 Eureka: A new model for cultural communication dimensions Eureka: A new model for cultural communication dimensions by Akli Hadid
Hofstede has six dimensions. The world value survey has four dimensions. I will outline here what are my dimensions, twelve in total, but I focus on communication. The dimensions are mere observations and did not involve careful data gathering other than
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 Eureka: Our abusive relationship with North KoreaEureka: Our abusive relationship with North Korea by Akli Hadid
I get that North Korea is being abusive all by itself and that no one is encouraging the North Koreans to be abusive. But before I get there, let me share my experience trying to bring their South Korean cousins to the negotiating table.
 Eureka: Some IT startup ideasEureka: Some IT startup ideas by Akli Hadid
Here are some startup ideas if you have money and don't know what to do with it, or if you're looking at thriving.
 The power of music The power of music by David Sparenberg
During Gotterdammerung Beethoven shoved the 9th symphony into his pocket and scurried to the summit of the Magic Mountain of Thomas Mann.
 Eureka: The evolution of language teachingEureka: The evolution of language teaching by Akli Hadid
I just dropped out of a language teaching masters degree program (it was tuition free) and the main reason was there was no way for me to put forward my "rebellious" thoughts on the subject.
 The Grand Old Jacksonian Magnolia TreeThe Grand Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree by Leah Sellers
Tim-berrrr! Let her down easy, Boys! That's right! The Old Jacksonian Magnolia Tree which has Graced the American White House's Grounds for over 175 years, is being taken down this year.
 Eureka: Jewish linguisticsEureka: Jewish linguistics by Akli Hadid
I know it's a weird title. But what I want to discuss in this article is a few points on Jewish linguistics, that is on the languages that were spoken and written by Jews in the diaspora, how they evolved, and perhaps eventually disapeared.
 Eureka: Frequently asked questions on Judaism and IsraelEureka: Frequently asked questions on Judaism and Israel by Akli Hadid
This article will be an attempt at answering frequently asked questions on Judaism and Israel.
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