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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Eureka: Personality types in relationshipsEureka: Personality types in relationships by Akli Hadid
As I said, there are three main personality types based on how I count: the emotional personality type, the factual personality type and the narrative personality type. The emotional type tends to live life based on emotions, the factual personality type
 The nexus between Democracy and ReligionThe nexus between Democracy and Religion by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
I'd like to share with the readership and editorship of Ovi magazine the announcement of a forthcoming book of mine on Democracy and Religion, due out in December.
 The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 22The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 22 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
The twenty-second installment of a weekly Ovi column dubbed "The Caligula Presidency" This week on the boogieman, Pocahontas, the WH as a 3 ring circus, bullying justice, Kushner, Comey, will the generals save us?
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 Eureka: On academic inflationEureka: On academic inflation by Akli Hadid
The problem is not that people who never read a book end up in lecture halls. The problem is professors are asked to retain as many of them as they can. That's when you become the idiot if you read the book, because the professor is trying hard
 Eureka: Personality types at the workplaceEureka: Personality types at the workplace by Akli Hadid
There are three different personality types you can encounter in the workplace: emotional personality type, factual personality type and narrative personality type. Having worked with all three, here's what you can expect.
 Eureka: The dangers of quantitative economicsEureka: The dangers of quantitative economics by Akli Hadid
Fans of quantitative economics like to tell me "nobody can eat their happiness!" But there are some dangers of looking at the numbers without looking at the general quality of work, production lines of life of people. Let me explain.
 Eureka: Public relations tips to promote your countryEureka: Public relations tips to promote your country by Akli Hadid
Several countries are trying to promote their image abroad. When promoting your image abroad you need a mixture of three different narratives to get people to hopefully invest, trade or interact with your country.
 Eureka: Our lack of political experienceEureka: Our lack of political experience by Akli Hadid
Politics in its current form has been around since the end of the Second World War in many countries. That is, in politics, a lot of us don't know what form of politics is better other than based on our 70 or so years of political experience.
 The American Civil War was a Failure to Compromise?!The American Civil War was a Failure to Compromise?! by Leah Sellers
"Mommy, I'm confused. My School Teacher told my class that the Civil War was fought over Slavery, and the Culture and Economy that kept Slavery alive and well." "Yes, Honey, that's correct," Cheyenne's Mama answered.
 Eureka: Three personality typesEureka: Three personality types by Akli Hadid
Some say introvert and extrovert. Others say open/closed, conscientious/careless, introvert/extrovert, friendly/detached and neurotic/confident. My favorite personality type distinction is the three personality types
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