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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Eureka: Balancing the economyEureka: Balancing the economy by Akli Hadid
Economists tend to group investments and savings together and consumption and government spending together. But rarely do they talk about links between savings, investments, consumption and government spending. How do you get your economy balanced and bac
 Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the FieldSidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar for Lilies of the Field by The Ovi Team
April 13th 19624. On this day in 1964, Sydney Poitier becomes the first African American to win the Academy Award for Best Actor, for his role as a construction worker who helps build a chapel in Lilies of the Field (1963).
 New World, New Policy: "What Do I Owe Ya'?" President Signs Order for Review of Trade DeficitNew World, New Policy: "What Do I Owe Ya'?" President Signs Order for Review of Trade Deficit by Prof. Michael R. Czinkota
President Trump announced a new executive order aimed at pushing forward his trade agenda. Targeting the US trade deficit, the order directs the Commerce Department and the US Trade Representative to lead an interagency investigation and produce a
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 Something from the pastSomething from the past by Katerina Charisi
I'm getting old. I'm getting old and I feel my doors shut one by one. Yesterday I met with my childhood's best friend, thirty years after, and I gave her my hand to shake. All I was willing to give her was a handshake! Do you get it?
 Whose Murder is Murderin' Who ?!Whose Murder is Murderin' Who ?! by Leah Sellers
Jack-o and Zack-o Crows are Cousins from the same close-knit Murder of Crows. They grew up together and kept close tabs on one another's Murder Members. Their Murders played together, hunted and gathered together, nested in the same territorial zones,
 Eureka: Creativity is hard work without rigidityEureka: Creativity is hard work without rigidity by Akli Hadid
Something I noticed about the South Koreans is that they tend to be incredibly rigid until their business or team starts losing by alarming margins. That's when, just as a technical knockout is about to be called, they tend to lose their rigidity a
 Trump's Mission to Mars Needs Internationalism to SucceedTrump's Mission to Mars Needs Internationalism to Succeed by Ovi Magazine Guest
First of all, Trump's bold commitment to land human voyagers on the Red Planet in the next 15 years is not his idea. In a 2016 Op-Ed, President Obama declared: "We have set a clear goal vital to the next chapter of America's story in space: sendi
 Political Science 101Political Science 101 by David Sparenberg
The first principle of Capitalism is profit before people. Profit equates with property and thereby the first principle of Capitalism places property above people for the furtherance of exclusionary profit.
 Wanda's daughterWanda's daughter by Abigail George
Youth is falling. A clever winter dissolve. Light flashes during an afternoon storm and all I can remember is Johannesburg and failing miserably at school.
 Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for April 2017Manish's Zodiac Signs Predictions for April 2017 by Manish Kumar Arora
April 2017, zodiac sign predictions from Manish Kumar
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