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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Romain Rolland: The Cosmopolitan SpiritRomain Rolland: The Cosmopolitan Spirit by Rene Wadlow
One of the major voices of the spirit of Citizens of the World is Romain Rolland (1866-1944). He is the symbol of those who would not let war destroy the cultural bridges between peoples, especially during the 1914-1918 World War.
 What do you know?What do you know? by Katerina Charisi
What? Do you think you know how to live? Ha! You have no idea what life is, young man.
 A Mary Poppins and Harley Davidson Hawg Cure for the Trumpian BluesA Mary Poppins and Harley Davidson Hawg Cure for the Trumpian Blues by Leah Sellers
Ethel opened her front door and sighed with relief. "Maybelle." "Ethel" Maybelle said as she entered her long time Friend's Home.
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 Dupenews: Cold weather in UK due to failure to build a wall with MexicoDupenews: Cold weather in UK due to failure to build a wall with Mexico by Theodore K. Nasos
The American President, Donald Trump, in an exclusive interview with Fox
 The universe is not flatThe universe is not flat by Jay Gutman
For reasons of practicality, the physical description of the universe we often have is one represented in landscape format describing the solar system.
 Eumenides Eumenides by David Sparenberg
"Where were you when I needed your protection," asks the blasted flower. "Instead of protecting you tore apart the atmosphere and exposed us all to the dark temperament of the sun."
 Threat By Tweet, Coiff and Propaganda MachineThreat By Tweet, Coiff and Propaganda Machine by Leah Sellers
"Ah, what a Lovely Family you have, my dear. Ah, and your Father-in-law's Money, where did that come from, my dear?" He Tweeted, Twirped and Burped onto the T.V. FOX digitized airwaves with a wolfish grin.
 How to become an alpha person How to become an alpha person by Jay Gutman
Some companies make you spend hundreds of dollars, pretending to teach you how to become a better person. Here I will give you tips, absolutely free, on how to become an alpha person.
 SecretSecret by Katerina Charisi
He says that he is my dad. He knocked our door one day, asking to see me. I didn't know I had a dad. My mom explained. I know she lied, but I am not angry. I know that parents don't always live together. I'm old enough to understand.
 StrangerStranger by Katerina Charisi
"Why do we have to live at your place?" That's what I always asked her in fights. "I'm sick and tired of being with your folks, I have a family too, you know.
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