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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 The Eavesdropped Histories of Winners and Losers, Broken Moral Compasses and Cosmic Homemade LemonadeThe Eavesdropped Histories of Winners and Losers, Broken Moral Compasses and Cosmic Homemade Lemonade by Leah Sellers
The front screen door slammed shut, and the precocious, nine year old, Cheyenne, scuffled into the Kitchen where her Mother was busy chopping fresh lemons for some Homemade Lemonade.
 Eureka: How Facebook won and others lostEureka: How Facebook won and others lost by Akli Hadid
In real estate, you buy a building, rent out the appartments. Once the appartments are fully rented or bought, you buy a second building and wait for that one to fill out. When all appartments are bought in both buildings you buy a third one. You don't g
 The Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty DollThe Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll by Leah Sellers
Mama, can I play with your Humpty-Dumpty-Trumpty Doll?
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 Dawid Dawid by Abigail George
'How was your day, Dawid' Dawid ignored Marguerite. 'Time heals. Time is supposed to heal all wounds. Isn't that what they say?' said Dawid in a contemplative mood.
 Horse made of glass - Part 18 - FinalHorse made of glass - Part 18 - Final by Katerina Charisi
She called the boys to come and eat their lunch, while she took a piece of paper and a pen and sat across them on the table. She looked at her boys and they smiled her back. Her eyes went around the small kitchen. The man-height cabinet and the empty wall
 Eureka: The game of economicsEureka: The game of economics by Akli Hadid
Bank loans people money. Bank examines the files very carefully, takes collaterals, signs guarantees and if there's a slight doubt or feeling the loans won't be repaid, the loan will be rejected.
 The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 14The Caligula Presidency: a Weekly Ovi Column - Week 14 by Dr. Emanuel Paparella
The fourteenth installment of a weekly Ovi column dubbed "The Caligula Presidency" This week on demeaning the presidency, dumb economics, Comey's dismissal, impeachment, democratic institutions, the great circus and fake news.
 Eureka: Some reflections on academiaEureka: Some reflections on academia by Akli Hadid
To sum up, I've met a lot of angry people in academia. A world where everyone seems to have the wrong degrees, the wrong specializations, the wrong research abilities or everyone seems to be the wrong fit for the job.
 A Bad Dream I Need to Wake Up from......A Bad Dream I Need to Wake Up from...... by Leah Sellers
"What are you busy sketchin' out there, Betty Jean?" Marvin asked as he walked into the kitchen for his first cup of coffee.
 A Dove Ascends From Open HandsA Dove Ascends From Open Hands by David Sparenberg
Listen to me: time brings forgetfulness or memories; silliness or bitterness or wisdom. My friend, if you are boiling to the surface with resentment, frustration, anger, turn these life destroying forces down into profound reflection. Do not live in sur
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