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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Dupenews: May plead Easter Bunny to postpone EasterDupenews: May plead Easter Bunny to postpone Easter by Theodore K. Nasos
In an extraordinary move but not surprising one in the era of Brexit, Prime Minister Theresa May pleads Easter Bunny to postpone Easter and if possible cancel Easter egg hunting.
 MourningMourning by Gordana Mudri
Who will stop this madness? While hatred hits into the walls and fear crawls through the streets, bloody rain waters the earth. Through the shadows of deserted streets, quick steps perishing. The laughter dies in the arms of the fallen lovers. And no one
 Albert Einstein:  Remember Your Humanity and Forget the RestAlbert Einstein: Remember Your Humanity and Forget the Rest by Rene Wadlow
14 March is the birth anniversary of Albert Einstein, born in Ulm, south Germany, in 1879 and died in Princeton, New Jersey in 1955. I was a student at Princeton University from 1953 to 1956, and as I liked to walk in the late afternoon, I would cross Alb
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 Sending S.O.S.Sending S.O.S. by Katerina Charisi
"Hello sir, we are from the TV show..." "TV show? What TV show? Real TV show?"
 A Fairy TaleA Fairy Tale by David Sparenberg
There is a stone tower. The tower sits upon a cliff facing toward the constant sea. The musical ebb and flow of ocean water resounds through the tower chambers.
 NamelessNameless by Gordana Mudri
The sun was red as blood. It loomed through the haze of a warm summer morning, climbing slowly up behind the mountain. It was nothing unusual or never seen before, but this time it looked somehow allegorical. Like a bloody stamp on the sky above the city.
 InsomniaInsomnia by Katerina Charisi
When I pass the exams, we will be together. If I pass. WHEN I pass. I will pass.
 Smoking and puddingSmoking and pudding by Katerina Charisi
I don't believe she asked me to go out for smoke. She forgot when she used to smoke those horrible vanilla cigarillos and my kids where still toddlers in that underground apartment and she made us suffer from asphyxia.
 Remember to forgetRemember to forget by Katerina Charisi
I don't remember when I started to forget. Sometimes I feel my brain like a patched quilt. Scattered, torn pieces of discolored fabric, all stitched together; beautiful in total, useless piece of trash if separated.
 The Next PhaseThe Next Phase by David Sparenberg
The process of individualization is the current phase of human evolution. This phase began to democratize at the European Renaissance. Now it wanes.
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