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Everybody has an opinion about the world in which we live, but how many of us are driven to shout about them every week in a column?

Find out the names of those people...

 Eureka: The pseudo-science of money managementEureka: The pseudo-science of money management by Akli Hadid
Every book I read on money management goes along the lines of "you spend some, you save some, you give some and you invest some...
 The Differences Between Mockingbirds and EaglesThe Differences Between Mockingbirds and Eagles by Leah Sellers
"Pa, what are you doing," Ma Mockingbird chirped from the edge of their Home Nest.
 Please sweetheartPlease sweetheart by Abigail George
Judith smiled across at Thomas. She didn't say anything when he stroked her thigh up and down in the car. Up and down. Up and down.
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 Lighthouse BirdLighthouse Bird by David Sparenberg
I am ok and will continue to be ok. I am not the center of the universe. Reality is peopled and diverse. But I am center of a circle of acts of beauty and cosmic awareness, and consequence.
 Broken Spitty-Hand, Double Pinky SwearsBroken Spitty-Hand, Double Pinky Swears by Leah Sellers
"Come on, Sam. I want to be a part of the Club," Ralph whined.
 Eureka: Schizophrenic statesEureka: Schizophrenic states by Akli Hadid
We tend to refer to someone paranoid or who has crazy thoughts, or to someone who just plain behaves abnormally as schizophrenic.
 Eureka: Be careful when you use FacebookEureka: Be careful when you use Facebook by Akli Hadid
In life we all tend to use a little bit of hygiene. We wake up, shower, shave, brush our teeth, us cologne or perfume, apply creams, drive carefully, don't sleep with random guys and keep strangers at a distance.
 Eureka: Business common senseEureka: Business common sense by Akli Hadid
You can read about business success all you want in the press, and perhaps try to emulate the success.
 Eureka: Reflections on public diplomacyEureka: Reflections on public diplomacy by Akli Hadid
No country has a clear public diplomacy policy, and public diplomacy budgets tend to be minimal around the world. There's a reason for that, as feeding, housing...
 Pete's Temporary RefugePete's Temporary Refuge by Leah Sellers
"Nope! No, Maybelle! Don't do it!" Pete said definitively holding his hand up as if to stop something from hitting him.
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