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Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul, author and poet, was first published at the age of ten and has stayed in print since on four continents. As critic and columnist Saloni has enjoyed all of forty one years of being published.

Saloni Kaul's first volume, a fifty poem collection was published in the USA in 2009. Subsequent volumes include Universal One and Essentials All.
Most recent Saloni Kaul poetic production has been published in The Horrorzine, Misty Mountain Review, Mad Swirl (contains ongoing Saloni Kaul poetry page), The Penwood Review, The Voices Project, Cabildo Quarterly, AJI Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, River Poets Journal,Taj Mahal Review, Verbal Art, Poetry Pacific, Ink Sweat And Tears and Military Experience And The Arts (As You Were: The Military Review), OVI Magazine, Blueline, Five 2 One Journal and The City Poetry. Upcoming publication acceptances include those of The Penwood Review, Scarlet Leaf Review,  The Voices Project and The Horrorzine.

 Blueprint & The Stars AllBlueprint & The Stars All by Saloni Kaul
Blueprint & The Stars AllHe was deft, dramatic and determined.His aim was the perfect driveMoulding physique and stamina,Sheer genius and ability.
 All In good UseAll In good Use by Saloni Kaul
All In good UseLazy for long to hints obtuse,Steeped in slush slippery lubricities ,Idling away long days equally lax lethargic,
 Essaying Expression DailyEssaying Expression Daily by Saloni Kaul
How would you like to think out one beautiful dayThat in its many minuscule divisionsPlays out a myriad fable themes in grand array,Colourful in display as they take on revisi
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 By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ?By Teaspoons ? By Ladle ? by Saloni Kaul
When sounds of trouble then all of a sudden soarLike pigs disgruntled squabbling in a
 Transform Cinematically! Transform Cinematically! by Saloni Kaul
Transform Cinematically! Weighed down under a host of problems unresolved,A sad glow overcomes the much oppressed heart ;Contained wrapped permanant solutions solvedFloat
 Point Counterpoint: Gorgons of This WorldPoint Counterpoint: Gorgons of This World by Saloni Kaul
Three winged monsters, females serpent haired, on endEach ominous wing flap stark calling your attention,Most rhythmic, purposeful, with ‘look at me’ command;Ah, s
 Sky high loveSky high love by Saloni Kaul
Sky high loveYou keenly wait to hear what I have yet to sayAs clouds of streaming white go drifting by.Then, as you look up, quite as clear as day,In my own pointed way, l
 Results all speak for themselves Results all speak for themselves by Saloni Kaul
Results all speak for themselves Each permanent aspect lovingly shaped,Each linear detail painstakingly cast ,Results then speak directly for themselves
 Kindness all onKindness all on by Saloni Kaul
When there is direct active verbal sparringAnd people at each other senselessly sharp lash ,Or when head to foot in the thick of it downright jarringDiscordant vo
 Experiments High JauntExperiments High Jaunt by Saloni Kaul
Experiments High JauntAnd with that absolute intrinsic essence floweringEach sonnet brims with reveries to read.All ready high to fly, each line that sings assuring
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