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Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul

Saloni Kaul, author and poet, was first published at the age of ten and has stayed in print since on four continents. As critic and columnist Saloni has enjoyed forty two years of being published. Saloni Kaul's first volume, a fifty poem collection was published in the USA in 2009. Subsequent volumes include Universal One and Essentials All.
As broadcaster Saloni had won considerable acclaim with innumerable features and documentaries to her credit as writer producer-presenter.

Most recent Saloni Kaul poetic production has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Tipton Poetry Journal, Inwood Indiana, Eye On Life Magazine, The Horrorzine, Mad Swirl (contains ongoing Saloni Kaul poetry page), The Penwood Review, The Voices Project, Scarlet Leaf Review, Taj Mahal Review, OVI Magazine, Blueline (State University of New York magazine), Five 2 One Journal, The City Poetry, The Lake, The Whimperbang Journal, House Of Horror Glitter & Words,  Mantis (Stanford University magazine), The Paragon Press Journal, The Imaginate (Rutger's University magazine) and Amulet Poetry Magazine. Upcoming publication acceptances include those of The Imaginate Zine, The Penwood Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, OVI and The Horrorzine.

 Idyllic All Idyllic All by Saloni Kaul
On plates that ring in plenty comes each overtureLike foundling season ready to lavish expand ,The top patch on which we stand, the beautiful curvature,Gives but a glimpse of
 So Liquid So Liquid by Saloni Kaul
Like words fixed in time on empty page,Some images tucked away that only we see,The mind that writes sees all at every stageAnd streamlines all till taken is all space free.
 Thoughts all along.....Thoughts all along..... by Saloni Kaul
Some precious thoughts all tucked away like treasures,Attractive sailboats at imagination’s dock ,To slowly taste and savour, feed upon at leisure,    As
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 Autumn Trees & Skies Autumn Trees & Skies by Saloni Kaul
Yearlong these gloriously flaming skiesWith their ethereal rusts and pastel pinksVermilions and wildest rose-red outcriesConquer with colours the ground slowly darkening to sh
 Blissful Incoherence Blissful Incoherence by Saloni Kaul
A song that hums and trills so in your earUntil your mind’s all laden and abuzz with the tune,Melodic fragments disjointed, that obstinately do adhereAkin to mule not bu
 The Price Of BeautyThe Price Of Beauty by Saloni Kaul
Atop the hill old trees gaunt in a clumpAll stand on guard eternal like a sage, On the alert like batsman suave protects his stump Staying on is life though runs get him to th
 Coining Silence  Coining Silence by Saloni Kaul
Sounds blaring loud as in pretence, Sounds soft as muttered oath , Coaxed into a coil tense ! For us who’ve had enough of both Breath lithe a
 Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor) Molly Pfeffer (Holocaust Survivor) by Saloni Kaul
Life couldn’t have been less eventful in Murrumbeena.After what she’d lived through who’d want events!
 Body And SoulBody And Soul by Saloni Kaul
As some primeval matted forest, skeleton so bony, All silence calm until it wit
 DiversionsDiversions by Saloni Kaul
Create something neat ! Why destroy that , precious or otherwise ! Live and let live in fame , glory or  total oblivion. Do use th
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