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Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios

Nikos Laios:poet,writer,artist,philosopher,and citizen of the world.Lived in Greece,and now in North Sydney,Australia.My home is any cafe with a warm heart,a glass of wine,and partaking in a symposium on life with new friends,with joy and laughter.

 The Printed Word The Printed Word by Nikos Laios
The Printed Word I swim in the smellOf printed words,I swim among the Bookshelves
 Copper SkyCopper Sky by Nikos Laios
Copper SkyThe cracked bellsClang in the breezeOver gurgling streams Sliding down paving cracksPast paper stacks
 They Heard Them SingThey Heard Them Sing by Nikos Laios
They Heard Them SingThey fell among The cedars and pinesTumbling,rolling rushing Gurgling among green ferns Under a clear b
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 The Stars and the MoonThe Stars and the Moon by Nikos Laios
The Stars and the MoonThe black crowsClung to the gildedClouds,the light Streaming throughTo the earth.
 The Haunted BayThe Haunted Bay by Nikos Laios
The Haunted BayLights dimmed inThe haunted bayThe new Pompeii;Flowing blood,Glowing blood,
 Empty ShellEmpty Shell by Nikos Laios
Empty ShellI saw an empty shell On the beach collecting sandWashed by the wavesAnd echo with the sound Of the sea.
 Grey WorldGrey World by Nikos Laios
Grey WorldI found the remains Of the day washed upWith the dry autumn leaves Scraping the sidewalkIn the cold rain.
 Plastic & SteelPlastic & Steel by Nikos Laios
Plastic & SteelI wear regret Like an ancient Ruffled coat in the bitter breeze, To the sound of
 JourneyJourney by Nikos Laios
JourneyThe creaking Door swayed asStreams of yellow light Danced against the Woodgrain of the ancient
 Irresistible SurgeIrresistible Surge by Nikos Laios
Irresistible SurgeI feel that irresistible surge,The ocean, the wave, theRock on the hill, the fight of free will;The push from beneath,
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