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Murray Hunter

Murray Hunter

Murray has been around the traps of entrepreneurship for too long. He is a long time expat from Australia who has made Malaysia his home and tried his hand at everything from agriculture to computers, to food, to spas and to cosmetics. Now he is taking the easy life as an associate professor at a university close to you. Murray spends half his time in Thailand and the other half looking for opportunities in Malaysia. Murray is passionate and deadly earnest about entrepreneurship and believes everybody should have the chance to “have a go”. Murray’s columns focus on giving some simple and practical ideas about the game of entrepreneurship and personal development based on his immense experience and the insights.  His pleasure is your success.


 Malaysia Faces Youth Unemployment CrisisMalaysia Faces Youth Unemployment Crisis by Murray Hunter
 Malaysia's  Public Universities Falling BehindMalaysia's Public Universities Falling Behind by Murray Hunter
 The US's Trade War Fallacy - Washington must now live with a new realityThe US's Trade War Fallacy - Washington must now live with a new reality by Murray Hunter
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 Indonesia's New Capital: A New Nusantarian Era?Indonesia's New Capital: A New Nusantarian Era? by Murray Hunter
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Malaysia’s China ResetWhat other countries can learn about engaging China China and the region now called Malaysia have a shared trade, cultural, and immigratio
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 Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy): Power and the deep state in MalaysiaKetuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy): Power and the deep state in Malaysia by Murray Hunter
 The Great Australian Tourist Visa ScamThe Great Australian Tourist Visa Scam by Murray Hunter
 Malaysia's Monarchy and the Deep StateMalaysia's Monarchy and the Deep State by Murray Hunter
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