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Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson is a freelance writer and poet, who has had over 240 poems published in over 110 journals and online publications. He is a member of Poets & Writers, Inc and Directory of American Poets & Fictions Writers: pw.org/directory. He has been published in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Nigeria, India, and the United Kingdom. The Lost American is about one man’s journey into exile over the Vietnam War many years ago, his struggle, his survival, his road to recovery and strength manifesting itself through his prose and poems. Mr. Michael Lee Johnson lives with his best friend, Nikki, the cat, and is content to be living in a small suburb of Chicago.
 Alberta Bound (V3)Alberta Bound (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
I own a gate to this prairiethat ends facing the Rocky Mountains.They call it Alberta,trail of endless blue sky,asylum of endless winters,hermitage of indolent retracted sun.Deep fre
 Barely a Portrait, Images, TransitionsBarely a Portrait, Images, Transitions by Michael Lee Johnson
Barely a Portrait, Images, Transitions(Niles High School, Niles, Michigan) You will find her here blowing soap bubbles,chewing gum cigars, old time candy and toy as
 Pentecostal Midnight LaughterPentecostal Midnight Laughter by Michael Lee Johnson
Pentecostal Midnight Laughter I laugh drunkin the spirit, hands held highVodka vipers in air in prayerinvasion of the Pentec
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 Crossing the Border DivideCrossing the Border Divide by Michael Lee Johnson
Crossing the Border Divide Crossing that Canadian line on a visitor pass,that stretch across the border divide,that makes a torn war wound, torn ma
 Old Hens and Young Folks (V2)Old Hens and Young Folks (V2) by Michael Lee Johnson
Old Hens and Young Folks (V2) Why do old hens\' cry-
 Arctic Chill North (V4)Arctic Chill North (V4) by Michael Lee Johnson
Arctic Chill North (V4)
 Road Buggies, Recession, Depression, Obama (V3)Road Buggies, Recession, Depression, Obama (V3) by Michael Lee Johnson
Road Buggies, Recession, Depression, Obama (V3) Faith
 Turnip in the StillTurnip in the Still by Michael Lee Johnson
Turnip in the Still In shadow wooden structures
 Sadly, We DieSadly, We Die by Michael Lee Johnson
Sadly, We Die Sadly, we die in little black suitcase boxes,
 Willow Tree and the Rain FallsWillow Tree and the Rain Falls by Michael Lee Johnson
Willow Tree and the Rain Falls (V3) Willow tree where the rain falls,
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