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Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi is a bilingual, fiction and non-fiction writer from Greece.

 Crossing the limits on Social MediaCrossing the limits on Social Media by Katerina Charisi
 Think positive!Think positive! by Katerina Charisi
 My voices in a conversationMy voices in a conversation by Katerina Charisi
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 RepetitionRepetition by Katerina Charisi
 My being a motherMy being a mother by Katerina Charisi
 TJ English and The CorporationTJ English and The Corporation by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 18 - FinalHorse made of glass - Part 18 - Final by Katerina Charisi
 13 Reasons Why you should feel guilty13 Reasons Why you should feel guilty by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 17Horse made of glass - Part 17 by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 16Horse made of glass - Part 16 by Katerina Charisi
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