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Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi

Katerina Charisi is a bilingual, fiction and non-fiction writer from Greece.

 Horse made of glass - Part 6Horse made of glass - Part 6 by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 5Horse made of glass - Part 5 by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 4Horse made of glass - Part 4 by Katerina Charisi
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 Horse made of glass - Part 3Horse made of glass - Part 3 by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 2Horse made of glass - Part 2 by Katerina Charisi
 Horse made of glass - Part 1Horse made of glass - Part 1 by Katerina Charisi
 Leave or let goLeave or let go by Katerina Charisi
 Something from the pastSomething from the past by Katerina Charisi
 Moon's waltzMoon's waltz by Katerina Charisi
Moon’s waltzThere you areThe night unfolds and changes;Pale in its paleness Like the smile on your full moon face.The b
 Art-ologiaArt-ologia by Katerina Charisi
Ok, let’s be honest. Not everybody appreciates art and/or artists. Sometimes not even our own people, friends or family. Think about it: When we were little, our family and teachers encouraged us (even pushed us too hard) to be creative a
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